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It's 5 right now according to my sidebar, but the wind is killing and the low was -4.  Wind chill is probably brutal.  That said, I'm just being over-dramatic.  It's not THAT bad.  You do notice, though.

I just froze my balls off walking from the Reading Room to the Union.  Back when I decided to come to Michigan, I told myself I'd be fine, no big deal, I've handled tough temperatures in the Midwest before.  After all, I'm from the rural Midwest.

I was totally full of it.  And I even read that LSD post where you list the worst three things about each T14.  I think the top 3 for Michigan submitted by one poster was three lines of "It gets how effing cold?!?"  Michigan is great, but's too cold!

Crap!  I've said too much.  Disregard the above.

Go Blue!

It's been good.  I've watched My Cousin Vinny so many times I have it memorized.  I also kicked by cousins butts at poker several times.  Seeing the family has been pretty relaxing, but I need to get back -- we start on Wednesday.  Between journal and reading for classes, I'm already behind. :/

I haven't lived in one, but I've been in a few.  The best ones were the older buildings that had thick walls and were occupied mostly with graduate students.  They're often near party houses, but the noise didn't seem excessive or anything.  I've been looking around campus planning for signing a lease for next year and mostly just trusting my gut about areas.  There are definitely some within that range that will be more quiet.  I have my eye on one that's about a five minute walk and it didn't seem too bad.  That one was a little northwest of Hutchins, if memory serves.  I'll be looking at more places near campus once I'm back to AA, so I'll write more then.

Best advice I can give is to inspect housing close to campus very carefully.  It's sort of touch and go -- some very well maintained older buildings that cater mostly to graduate students are the best bets.  There are newer developments further from school that are pretty good -- little more expensive sometimes, but if you hunt long enough, the price difference is negligible. 

I've lived in a newer 2 BR/2 BA place on the south end of AA with another graduate student roommate for some time, yet will be getting my own place for 3L due to the roommate's engagement.  I'm angling for something closer to campus for my last year, but the place I've lived in for awhile has been good -- five to ten minute drive to the commuter lot depending on traffic and then a five to ten minute bus ride to the law school depending on bus wait.  Newer building, no maintenance problems, reasonable rent. 

Where should I go next fall? / Re: ND 2L taking questions.
« on: January 13, 2009, 12:07:22 AM »
and go! go! go!

North Dakota?

I'm going to dignify this response with a "No, Notre Dame.  Thank you" reply.  Take care.

Well there is more than one school called ND you left it up to intrepretation, and to be honest, I rather read what its like in North Dakota there are as there are lots of Notre Dame students on here, but I don't think anyone even lives in North Dakota, I'm not sure it even really exists.

i know that you think that i'm a total prestige whore, but i also thought that the OP meant north dakota.  i think it might be worth a title edit personally.

I suggest "Non North Dakota 2L taking questions" just so people are not lurned in here and get ShamWowed.

I LOL'ed.  I'm a sucker for well-placed infomercial jabs.

I do have a question for the OP -- why the sudden Vandy hate?  I mean, I don't go there, but the few I've met/spoken with seem fine.

True. Urkel was uber-creepy/annoying. I would not forgive him for stalking my daughter/destroying the crap out of my house. And he treated Myra terribly!

Yeah, that's fair.  I was going for innocent nerd vs. "succeed at all costs."  Urkel really wasn't innocent.  Not only did he stalk whats-her-face, but he broke half their stuff. 

I'm having trouble coming up with a good example of the innocent nerd archetype.

Semi-embarrassingly, I actually look forward to being the same way when I start school.  I can see myself becoming insufferable...not quite as bad as some, but I can see it happening.

There's a fine line between gunner feminine hygiene product and ambitious nerd.  I try to stay on the Urkel end of that.  I think you will too.

That really is a complement.

Yeah, after laughing, I hated myself so hard for typing that. :/

That looks really bad on a resume so I hear.

really?  The only experience I have with it is an attorney I worked for who did it, and she got a 6 figure salary after graduating, but she also clerked with the firm before she went to school.

If she went T14 she could have sat around smelling her own farts the summer after 1L and no one would have cared.

Plus, see the above glitter posts.

*snickers* See glitter postings and accompany text supra

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