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I think the main thrust of the argument put forth by the GW trolls (myself included), is that the OP shouldn't expect DC firms to fawn over his NW degree.  He's still going to have to work hard and succeed in NW, then do some legwork to network in DC to land a BIGLAW job, just like a GW grad would. 
If I were in his position, I would go to NW just because it will give him more options around the country when he graduates, ceteris parabis, compared to GW.  He may ultimately change his mind and want to practice somewhere else.

Narrowing the argument down to DC only, as I stated before, it's not like he'll be able to finish bottom %50 at NW and walk into a BIGLAW job in DC over a good GW student. 


I would have gone to Duke.  While BU is great for Boston, it doesn't compare with Duke in regards to placement across the country.
Also, even with a 20k per year scholarship to go to BU, you'll still have debt from housing, incidentals, etc.  I estimate that LS will be at least 50k per year, particularly in a big city like Boston.  So, you will be $75000 in debt when you graduate from BU.  Once you're in debt for such a big number, the actual $ amount doesn't matter as much.  So 75k and 150k, while seemingly a big difference, won't make a difference in reality because you are borrowing the whole thing anyway.  Moreover, securing a loan, even private loans, are easy for students at top schools like Duke, because the lenders are quite certain you'll be able to pay them back. 

Yeah, look at all these Northwestern 2Ls getting great summer positions in DC!

Akin Gump (DC)
GULC - 10
GW - 4
Catholic - 3
UVA - 2
American - 2
GMU - 1
Penn - 1
BC - 1
Fordham - 1
Conn - 1
Texas - 1
UMD - 1

Gibson DC
Harvard: 9
Chicago: 5
Stanford: 3
GW: 3
Columbia: 2
Yale: 2
NYU: 1
Michigan: 1
UVA: 1
Penn: 1
Cornell: 1

leboeuf DC
Harvard: 5
Georgetown: 4
Columbia: 1
Duke: 1
NYU: 1
Virginia: 1

Kilpatrick Stockton (DC)
GULC (2)
GWU (2)

Kirkland & Ellis (DC)
Harvard 9
Georgetown 4
GW 4
Stanford 3
Yale 2
Duke 2
Chicago 1
Northwestern 1
Howard 1
Boalt 1

McDermott, Will, Emory DC stats

GW: 6
Harvard: 4 (all 1Ls)
Stanford: 2 (1Ls)
UVA: 1
Duke: 1
UMich: 1 (1L)
Penn: 1 (1L)
Howard: 1
Notre Dame: 1 (1L)
Wake Forest: 1
UNC: 1

I wouldn't work at that goyische firm anyway.  The attorney roster reads like a Mayflower Club reception. 

GJ, I learned all my trolling techniques from you!

Trogdor, I like your style...What's it going to be, GULC PT?

I'm noticing a "Reverse Meme" in action over the last couple of weeks.  For a long time, the conventional wisdom was, "Go to school where you want to practice because of the connections."  Now it's "Go to a school far away, so that your resume stands out in the crowd."

Anyone else notice this?  

I'm perplexed by all of the support for GW.

Nobody doubts that Northwestern is the better school, but it's not like you can finish bottom half at NW and then breeze into BIGLAW in DC over good students from GW.  I think equivalent class positions will have equivalent opportunities in DC.  Also, you'll have to do a bit more legwork from Chicago to get a interview in DC, I'm not sure how many DC firms do OCIs at Northwestern.  

And learn the lesson your parents are teaching you...Don't live beyond your means after you graduate.  Save some of that 145k so that your children don't have to go through what you are going through now. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: ND v. GWU
« on: April 05, 2006, 02:16:30 PM »
I am going to agree with mccapj here. I was also trying to decide between GW and ND and couldn't rationalize spending more to go to ND. GW has an amazing alumni network and if you have enough initiative, you can probably go anywhere with a GW degree. I have family in South Bend and love the city, but I know that I am the type of person who will do better academically in a place with fewer distractions. However, I think my biggest issue with ND was that I knew I'd be going to a school with people who really wanted to get into Northwestern. Don't get me wrong, I think that ND is am amazing school, but I want to be at a school with people who really want to be there.


Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Crime at Duke
« on: March 31, 2006, 02:15:00 PM »

You will make a great lawyer with that attitude. Just because a response is not illegal doesn't mean that it is right. Are you so myopic that you can't differentiate between what is legally compelled of Duke versus what they ought to do?

Thanks for the compliment!

So what do you think Duke should have done?  Expelled the students for not talking?  Killed them?  What if it turns out the allegations are false? 
As someone mentioned before, Duke is not the judge and jury here.  They have done all they could do both reasonbly and legally. 

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