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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: an impossible situation
« on: May 11, 2006, 01:27:22 PM »
I'll loan you the money, but I want a pound of flesh and blood (I'm not making that mistake again) from you if you can't pay it back.

In the latest email, Ms. Sim notes that there are no seats currently available, so perhaps the email is to those will have first crack at any available seats.  Or at least I'm praying that's what it means.

You are making the wrong choice.  I have nothing to justify this position, I just want to protect you against groupthink.

Just got the reconfirm email this morning...I think some seats will open up by the second seat deposit deadline, but I'm not banking on any miracles.

Applied to both PT and FT, P (but not PP) WL. 

I estimated that lsac will recalculate my gpa to around a 3.7.  I got lucky and scored a 166 on the lsat.  In terms of soft factors, I worked part time all through school (in a lawrelated job) but I don't have any clubs or other cards like diversity or full time work experience to play.  I definitely want to maximize my chances of staying in New York, so I favor schools in the region, but am going to take some chances at reach schools in the t14, so I'm most concerned with my chances at them.  It seems like this season was easier than last at the lower t14s for people in my range. 


Georgetown (fulltime and parttime)

George Washington

First Group - Nada. 
Second Group - GULC PT, Cornell WL Coinflip.
Third Group - Fordham, GW, Brooklyn.

Those 9 schools are fine for NY.  You don't need any more safties.  As for Penn and UVA, I'd be inclined to put them in your first group up there.  Northwestern is probably a no-go without much work experience.  No other schools in the T20 should be under consideration.  Texas, UCLA, Vandy, and USC will place only as well as Fordham and GW in NY.
You're going to have to do well anywhere you go for V50 NY BIGLAW.  Don't think you can finish below the median at Cornell or GULC and walk into Skadden or Davis Polk. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Texas($$) vs. UCLA vs. GWU
« on: April 27, 2006, 07:24:44 AM »
I don't know if Seattle BIGLAW makes any great effort to recruit from Texas.  UCLA will probably give you a bit better conduit for practicing on the pacific coast, but if you are sure you want to practice in Seattle then you should recognize that no matter which school you choose, Texas, UCLA, or GW, you are going to have to do your own job searching and networking for Seattle. 
Do a check on to find how many Seattle firms do OCI at Texas, UCLA, and GW.  My guess is that there aren't many. 
As for giving the most options at graduation, UCLA will be best for anything in the Pacific time zone. 

Well, yes, if you think you can get money from a better school by waiting then you should absolutely do that.  I thought the issue was about law school in general.
Good luck in your decision!

Feeling over thinking.  Not a great characteristic for lawyers to have.


If you're worried about "crushing" debt, then don't go to Law School.  A law degree will give you the opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars more than just your bachelors degree.  It's a risk, absolutely.  But it's up to you to determine what kind of risk tolerance and confidence in your abilities that you have.  A law school discussion board won't be able to determine that for you.


Emory, easy.  More flexibility, and you can work in NY without any problem at all coming out of Emory.  With Brooklyn or Cordozo, not only are you confined to NY, but are also behind a ton of students coming from other schools (like, say, Emory) also trying to get jobs in NY.

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