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What publications will you subscribe to while in LS?  I'm thinking The Week does a nice job of condensing the news and arguments on each side into a quick format... I also wanted Legal Affairs, but it looks like it's going under.

The (EDIT: New York) Law Journal is kind of a pain, as are regular daily newspapers.

For fun, I might keep up that Lucky subscription.  And probably New York, for the crosswords.  :)

Preferably near Columbia or in midtown west... they're not supposed to be on the shelves yet, but i know some of y'all got copies.


Just curious... if indeed Stanford is above Harvard this year, does it really affect whether people go to one or the other?

What about if NYU and Columbia are tied?

Or just if you're deciding between two schools, and one went up, the other down?

Just came back from the Penn ASW, and I loved the school.

I was, however, disturbed by the way some of the events were arranged... basically some of the events targeted to minority groups ran concurrently with the general programming, which had the effect of keeping all the groups uncomfortably segregated (at least, I was uncomfortable).

Did anyone else feel this way?

Example: the night of the social, the main event was held at one bar, while events for BLSA, SALSA and the GLBT club were held at separate bars at the same time... the Dean suggested we could go to whichever event, but since no one seemed to be in charge at the pub I wouldn't have even known how to get to the other places.

I understand the need to express to members of minority groups that there is a community there to support them; I'm sure people want to know they won't be alone... BUT I also think one of the great things about college, and hopefully law school, is the opportunity to associate with people unlike yourself... everyone learns so much more from each other.  The scheduling kinda prevented this from happening.   

I guess what I'm saying is, why couldn't they hold specialty events at a different time?

General Off-Topic Board / Entourage Obsession Thread
« on: March 21, 2006, 01:55:00 PM »
So I don't even have cable, but my BF has the most wonderful thing EVER: HBO On Demand (you can watch all HBO programs from the month whenever you want, for a monthly fee).  This weekend we watched the last seven or so episodes of Entourage season 2, and now I'm completely hooked!

Anybody know when season 3 begins?  I'll be sleeping over at the bf's A LOT once that happens...  :)

Incoming 1Ls / New PLS Discussion Board
« on: March 14, 2006, 07:51:17 PM »
Just wanted to let people know that Planet Law School has a new chat room (before there was a only a Yahoo group, which was a little much).  Some law school book authors post to the Yahoo group, so hopefully they'll migrate over to the chatroom to answer questions.   The best part is the Hypos section, if you're planning on doing the PLS prep stuff... which I'll get around to... eventually.  ;)

Anyway, it's here:

Obviously only to supplement LSD!  This place is still #1, o' course... but when I check my "unread replies," and there ain't any, I have to find some way to waste time.    :)

General Off-Topic Board / Who else loves Anonymous Lawyer?
« on: March 13, 2006, 07:32:02 PM »
Great post today:

"I'm sorry I didn't post last week.  I was too distracted by the death of one of this world's true heroes.  I'm talking, of course, about Slobodan Milosevic."

And also: "Gonzaga sounds like the name of a mythical beast."

Heh. Is it just me, or is that blog getting a lot funnier?  I have a dark sense of humor.

And a few weeks ago (in regards to that Abdala email):

"I went on to Suffolk's web site, to satisfy my curiosity about whether or not the school actually exists, and found a sentence that probably explains why I've never heard of them.  "Whether they are enrolled full-time in the day division or study part-time in the evening division, Suffolk Law students share a spirit of cooperation."

Well, that's the problem.  I don't want lawyers here who have a spirit of cooperation.  And apparently they don't even each get their own spirit of cooperation -- they have to share it."


General Off-Topic Board / Awesomest Festival Lineup of All Time?
« on: March 13, 2006, 08:34:08 AM »
If you have one that can compete with this year's Bonnaroo lineup, let's have it!

Seriously, this is soooo sick:

PS, in addition to the many indie bands I love on this list, I'm also excited about Bonnie Raitt... she's so cool.

I'll be there; just wondering if any other LSDers want to meet up!

OK, I'll start... as previously mentioned in another thread, I was in Bowling Club in 5th grade.  Additionally:

Band, 5-6th grade (played the trombone)
Future Problem Solvers of America, 7-8th grade (my mom was the leader)
Model U.N., 11-12th grade (free trips, OK!)

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