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I just spoke with Damian Leri (Senior IT) about the Macbook situation.  Penn has received an email from Examsoft indicating that the software is working on the Macbooks and it will be officially approved.  However, he still really tried to steer me away from the Macbook, telling me that not only is Bootcamp a beta program and that is risky (which we've all discussed already) but that email and other Penn things aren't going to work as well on the Mac.  Aargh. He said once he gets official approval from Examsoft, the labtop recommendations will be updated anyway.  What to do, what to do...?

I got an email from Penn today as well, saying that MacBooks would be fine.

I'm definitely getting the MacBook.  If for some reason I'm feeling really insecure about bootcamp come exam time, I'll just rent a laptop for $100 a week (a price a Penn IT guy said was about average).  But most people I've talked to (computer people, not just dolts like me  :D) have said that Windows running on Macs (even through beta bootcamp) are really reliable, so I don't really envision it being a problem.  I might even use it for class notes and stuff occassionally just to get the hang of it.

Also, I'm kind of confused about them saying that email, etc won't work as well on the macbook.  if you're running Windows, you're running Windows, whether it's on a mac or a pc. so if there's really a problem with some application, i will just boot into windows to use it.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: One more time... Mac vs. PC
« on: June 29, 2006, 11:30:09 AM »
If I use my mac naively (like DLing music and other things through Frostwire), am I likely to get a virus on it? I've heard that there aren't any viruses for this version of OS X, but who knows.

Also, I know that macs can't get windows viruses, but if I dl a file with a windows viruse in there.. does it just stay dormant or does it not even download? Can I pass it on to other windows users?

I was under the impression that if you're running windows on your mac, you are susceptible to windows viruses, so you need to make sure you have some sort of virus protection.

As for OS X, i think you probably could get a virus, but I've downloaded from the same sorts of things you're describing, and I haven't had a problem yet (it's been almost 2 years).

This just in (to me, anyway)

apple is going to preview Leopard in August.  I wonder when it will officially be released.

I just found out that my parents have a friend at IBM that can get the employee discounts... I may just get a Thinkpad for law school, even though I really want a Macbook.  :(  I really can't afford to get two, UNLESS I can sell the Thinkpad for a decent price (it seems like they resell better than the other notebooks).  I guess I can always get a Macbook for a graduation present, and by then any kinks will be worked out for sure!

Guys, I just got some very bad news today... looks like I might be starting law school on crutches.  I blew out my knee on Friday, and had a simple surgery today to repair the cartiledge damage.  Unfortunately, I also got back the results of my MRI today, and my fears were confirmed--I tore my ACL.  :(

So I've already had ACL surgery once, on my other knee, and it took about a month to start walking again... and even then I was limping pretty bad for a while.  Since they have to wait a month for this surgery to heal, I'm looking at the ACL repair in early August.  BOO.

oh no that's terrible  :(  how did you blow it out - playing tennis? 

Also, interesting developments on the computer front  ;)

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: One more time... Mac vs. PC
« on: June 28, 2006, 12:25:29 PM »
Oh, I also got a free 4 gig iPod.  Check and see if Apple is offering that again this year for students.

they are. free nanos.

Maybe this is a stupid follow-up question, but if examsoft approves use of the program on Macbooks, can UPenn still prohibit the use of Macbooks for exams?  (I'm thinking about the NYU thread that's up about this).

I guess they could, but I don't think they will.  The tone of the email that Legapp got  basically made it sound like if examsoft says yes, that's good enough for Penn.

Are you going ahead with the purchase of a Macbook?

I'm going to wait until the last minute (before school) just because I like to put off technology purchases until the last minute (in case kinks get worked out or whatever).  I also plan to check in with IT before I actually make the purchase just to make sure it's ok.

Has anyone been in touch recently with ITS regarding Macbook approval for ExamSoft yet?

I think Legapp can answer this best, since she's been emailing with someone in IT about it, but last time I heard, examsoft had said that they will approve use of the program on macbooks, but they have yet to send out an official announcement.

So for some reason I'm having trouble tracking down the relevant info - are we supposed to send our facebook form with photos to the general "office of admissions" address?  And we just have to write our names on the back of the photos? That's it?

i'm sure they are--they've made a lot of progress  :)
lord knows the construction equipment is there, messing up the lanes for my drive to work  :D

haha, sorry to hear that

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