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Current Law Students / Re: Suing your law school?
« on: November 08, 2010, 01:07:42 PM »
I say boo-hoo.  They aren't going to win their lawsuit.  It's bad for them to be a part of it as well as any firm that sees it will likely consider them as either pains in the butt or whiners.  The school owes every student precisely two things: an education and opportunities.
If you graduate from law school, you have both.  Can't find a job?  That stinks.  No doubt about it.  Do what thousands before you have done - get off your butt and start your own practice.  End of story.
The problem isn't with employment statistics, it's with expectations and entitlement.  There are absolutely no guarantees in life.  None.  It used to be that a law school grad had no problem getting a job.  The truth is that the legal market is hurting right now so jobs are scarce.  Potential law students who go into it thinking that the degree will guarantee them any job are delusional.  No education guarantees a job.  Even medical school graduates are finding it more difficult than ever (though most aren't suffering too much as doctors are still in high demand). 
I don't buy the argument that law school graduates aren't filled with entitlement either.  Most law students feel entitled, so why would they change?  The truth is that finding a job is tough and it is likely to remain tough until undergrads come to realize that law school just isn't the guaranteed way into a big paycheck anymore and start finding other opportunities that may come about with a different graduate degree.  Law school has become too accessible and there are too many students and too many graduates every year.  Looking back, if I hadn't had the post-graduation opportunities I have (I'm lucky), I'd have gotten either a masters degree or an MBA.  Given the right set of circumstances, I would have opened my own restaurant.  I look around at some of the people in my class and wonder what they plan on doing, especially those in the bottom 50% who have no connections in the legal field.
That said, instead of wasting an incredible amount of time suing a law school, why not spend time educating the public and/or finding a job/opening your own firm?  I know a half-dozen law offices that would be happy to share space for $1000 a month, including copier, fax machine, internet, and telephone.  Buy a cheap desk, chair, a lamp, a computer, bar association malpractice insurance and a printer and what else do you need?
Potential law students shouldn't listen to their parents, their uncle, or their bro's, they should go out and do some actual research and talk to actual law students in their second and third years before making a commitment to a six-figure education that sucks some of the life out of you and requires far more effort than other, more lucrative career options.  I worked in sales for 3 years and when I left for law school, I knew 20 guys with undergrad degrees pulling in well over $250k a year working 8-5 Monday through Friday. Point being, law school is hard.  Life after law school is hard.  Instead of wasting time suing a school (who, by the way, fulfilled their obligation), go do something.  If you can't lawyer, go find a job where an employer might appreciate a highly educated, logical employee in an executive position.  I know a guy who graduated with his JD and after he couldn't find a job as a lawyer, called a buddy who was an executive in a Fortune 500 company.  He's been an Executive Vice President with the company since shortly after he was interviewed.
Better yet - I know a guy who graduated from a tier 3 school that couldn't get work in a big, medium, or small firm.  So he took a look and realized only a few solo guys were handling landlord tenant law in the city, so he started his own firm.  It's been 10 years now and he makes plenty of money doing it and has brought on two new associates just this year.  At some point, people need to stop thinking like cattle and start thinking like entrepreneurs.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 27, 2010, 08:43:00 AM »
you are hilarious!
good stuff.
pickle is only held to alien ethical standards, and as such, is not bound by the laws of humans.  Therefore, he is free to @#!* up his future by 'teaching' law to others despite the fact that he has absolutely no legal background or education (or qualifications).  God help anyone who accepts such an education as they are sure to find out that most (if not all) of what they have been taught is inaccurate, incorrect, or missing huge chunks of information.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 26, 2010, 10:42:49 AM »
Good luck with your ethics argument.  The law school will hold you accountable to their standards, not the ones you invent while trying to be your own man.
There are no guarantees in life, and it is not certain that you will be accepted to HLS.  While scoring consistent 180's on LSAT practice tests is impressive (sounding), the practice tests are not determinative of your actual score.  They never are.  Many students who scored consistently high were discouraged to learn that their actual score was lower.  Then again, if you were a reasonable person, you might have already discovered that.
And I mean "Untrained" as in "untrained in the field of law".  As in "you don't know anything, yet wish to pretend that you are an expert in everything."
I wish you terrible luck.  Mostly because you are an arrogant prick.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 26, 2010, 09:24:01 AM »
I'd rather teach Numitor about the law than argue with you, Denny, about my own life. I am currently offering free lessons to law school students who want to go more in depth in the legal analysis of the law. I will teach people what I know on my spare time. I start my last semester in two weeks and the class line-up is easy and small so I have virtually nothing to do except wait to take the LSAT... I won't be going to Harvard until next fall so I will be bored throughout this year and the first half of the next since I decided not to work until I get a better pay grade, benefits, and office.

As for class statistics, the topic, before it was derailed by a bunch of ruffians... You should not worry about the stats as they aren't tantamount to anything unless you're in the top percentile (especially on dumb curves). Be happy that you aren't getting kicked out and worry more about your understanding of the topic because the bar will weigh more than some class stats.

This is easily an ethical violation. You have no in depth legal analysis to offer.
Furthermore, you haven't taken the LSAT yet, so you aren't going to Harvard.  Period.  Until you take the test and apply, you are in no position to teach anyone.
Be warned, law schools do not like the idea of untrained people teaching law students about the law.  On second thought, put that in your admissions essay.  I'm sure HLS will be happy to admit someone to law school who has been teaching law students about the law prior to taking the LSAT and well before they engaged in the study of law.
Like I said - your problem is that you think you are qualified to discuss the law even though an intelligent person would understand that, having not attended even a single law school course, anything you 'teach' will be misleading and incorrect.
I believe it was Socrates who said "all I know is that I know nothing".  All you know is that you know everything, which will inevitably be your downfall.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 26, 2010, 06:36:48 AM »
"top 5% in my age group"
Wow!  With tests from a college prof and all to prove it!  That and fifty cents buys you a newspaper.
And for clarification, my 5% number relates to all professional degrees (MD, JD, MBA, etc).  Being an undergrad means you are roughly top 50%.  Graduating early?  Whoopdedoo!  What an amazing accomplishment to graduate before your 21st birthday!  AMAZING!
Of course, my dad was a practicing attorney by the time his 21st birthday rolled around, but he is in no way smarter than pickle.  It's just impossible.  Pickle is the smartest human being ever to be born.  Even smarter than that 12 year old attending law school.  Smarter than Einstein even!  He knows all about infinity (conceptually speaking).  He learns more outside of the educational institution and has authored several volumes in which he attempts to account for all of human knowledge.
I'm just a dummy who reads simple "human" authored books.  He is currently working on finishing a book written by an individual from the Alpha Centauri system.  Pickle just worked out a book deal with the Universes largest publisher to co-author a text on particle gravity and space time with Glaxnar, the professor of space-time from the University of Bleexproblangs.
I welcome our alien overlord Pickle and hope to one day excel to his level.  Oh, wait.  I already received my undergraduate degree.  Years ago.  And had a professional career that spanned over a decade prior to deciding I was bored and attending law school.  I keep forgetting how dumb and inexperienced I am.
Thanks, Pickle, for reminding me that life experience, a bachelors degree, and a year of law school under my belt somehow makes me less intelligent than an arrogant undergrad who hasn't done anything with his life besides sponge off of his parents and act as if he is superior to everyone else.
I have met and worked with some extremely intelligent and sharp individuals in my lifetime.  None have displayed the sense of entitlement and arrogance that you have.  Probably because they learned humility and respect for others along the way.  My ex-girlfriend attended the University of Chicago and graduated in 3 years.  After working for 5 years, she went back and got her MBA from the University of Chicago.  She displayed none of your arrogance and didn't believe, as you do, that she knew more about everything than everyone else - especially when she hadn't had any experience in the field about which her opinion was formed.
But then again, she was probably dumber than you too pickle.  Everyone is. 
It is still entertaining to me that you have all of these achievements, yet find the time to come to a message board for law students and potential law students and post as if you are an unemployed college dropout without homework who doesn't need to study.  Good job!
Like I said - this thread should serve as a warning for you.  Life is about to punch you in the balls and your world is about to crumble.  You can preemptively change your ways or you can continue to walk around, nuts exposed and unprotected.  I hope for my own sake that you decide to continue to lose yourself to your delusion and it causes you to suffer greatly.

Online Law Schools / Re: 1 L starting school in July 2010
« on: August 25, 2010, 09:04:20 AM »
AS for interviews, I wouldn't have gotten an internship and a job offer for a high paying salary once I graduate if I was (1), stupid, (2) severely arrogant to the point of no-one liking me, and (3) bad at interviews. I can handle an HLS interview and for the record, I had a 4.0 (or all A's) since I began school and High School is no exception to that fact.

Uh-huh.  You may have gotten that job because its the same company your daddy works for/owns.
Mock-court?  Interesting.  Nothing like law school, or even like law school mock trial, but interesting.  Did you have to write an appellate brief conforming to the Supreme Court Rules as well, or is this the mock court where they do the research, help you synthesize your argument and the applicable law, then coach you on argument construction?  Spare me the BS.  Mock Court is valuable experience, but it does not compare to actual law school. 
Guess what?  I got a high paying job out of undergrad too.  I didn't have straight A's (or a rich daddy who could pull strings and get me a job).  When do you plan on graduating?  This job is guaranteed?  Maybe you should be smart and take it.  The opportunity isn't likely to present itself again and chances are, you will have a lot of personal problems in law school.  ESPECIALLY if you plan on bringing your misplaced arrogance and false wisdom with you....  As a side note, there is an enormous difference between getting a job offer by pretending to be likable, humble, and smart and keeping your job once they figure out who you really are.
As I've said many times already, you know nothing.  You have zero life experience.  Your parents have been coddling you and blowing so much smoke up your ass that you honestly believe your own BS.  You are a typical undergrad student who is awaiting his degree, albeit you claim to have extraordinary grades. 
The real world is coming at you, and hard.  Continue on your path and you are in for some serious pain.  Change your attitude.  Understand now, before it is too late, that humility is going to take you much further than arrogance.  Most importantly, stop pretending you know all about law school and intentionally misleading people as to what life is all about.  Law school is tough.  You aren't yet.  There are no guarantees in life.  The "job" offer you have could disappear and it is likely that you will be disappointed to learn that you cannot get into one of the top 3 law schools in the country because, and I know this may seem hard to believe, there is always going to be someone with a better application than you or better connections.
Reality check - grow up a little before pretending to be superior to others.  Right now, you don't hold a bachelors degree, making you less qualified to give advice to law students than pretty much everyone else on these boards.  You are currently less educated than a guy who graduated with a 2.0 average.  Remember that when giving your less than sage advice and commentary.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 25, 2010, 08:51:16 AM »
I already had a few professors in my sophomore year trying to make me look like an idiot in front of the class, you know what, it didn't work. Of course, I didn't know the answer, but I told him, "that is why I am taking this class, to learn, you're the professor, so you tell me what it is you view as a credible or sufficient answer to your own problem." Doesn't matter as any professor trying to show me up in class will have his words, logic, and order of thought, turned back on him/her.

Oh please please please please please do that in law school.  PLEASE.
One student tried to pull that crap in Contracts I.  She was thrown out of the class on the spot.  The student went to the dean who told her that she had no recourse.  So the student decided to prove to the prof that what he did was disrespectful and was called on every single class.  She was thrown out of class again the next week.  She failed the course, not because she was stupid, but because the prof had her pegged as an arrogant moron who thought she was smarter than he was.  She is no longer at school, having been academically dismissed.  She graduated from her undergrad with a high GPA and a sense of her own genius as well.
I've got news for you pickle, law school is the big leagues and if you call out your profs, you get burned.  This isn't undergrad anymore.  When a prof asks you a question, you'd better have an answer (and it better be reasonably well constructed).  In undergrad, you could easily say "I don't know".  In law school, that answer is completely unacceptable.  I was talking to a fellow 2L yesterday.  Three students were thrown out of Civ Pro II because they couldn't answer a question.  Yet again, you prove that you know nothing and have absolutely no basis for commenting about law school.  Students in law school represent the smartest 5% of students in the country.  You may think you are a big fish, but trust me when I tell you, you aren't once you start at law school.  You will discover that you are merely average - par for the course.  That's been my point all along (besides that you are a dope for trying to tell people how easy law school is without having spent a single moment attending law school).
I'm STILL chuckling that you think what you did made the professor look stupid and I'm having a hard time not shooting my coffee out of my nose when thinking about you pulling that amateur crap in an actual law school.  I hope your school video tapes your class that day and someone posts it on youtube.  That would be epic.
Yet again, you prove your immaturity, lack of experience, and general ignorance towards how things work in the real world.

Online Law Schools / Re: 1 L starting school in July 2010
« on: August 25, 2010, 07:50:11 AM »
With a 4.0UGPA, summa cum laude, a mind ready to tackle any test, good preparation for the fall LSAT, I am a shoe-in for any of the top 3 law schools. Although on here where I tend to be more laid-back with my writing style, grammar, spelling, etc..., on my personal statement which was originally 4k words in length, but now cut down to 1500 words, I wrote flawlessly. It was original and creative. I had my English professor proof read it before actually finalizing it. If I do get into Harvard or Yale, I will turn down the job I was offered a month ago and immediately go to the Ivy League. So, despite your obvious sarcasm and snide remarks, bigs, I will get into any school I want to. You need to tone it down a bit, you are out of line.

Until you actually take the LSAT and get your score, you are not guaranteed anything.  YOU are out of line.  There is no such thing as a "shoe in" for any of the top 3 law schools.  Unless, of course, you have family members on the admissions committees there.  The thing is, you don't know what your LSAT score is.  You probably are also unaware that HLS does interviews.  Based on your posts, you may wish to tone down your arrogance in said interviews.  I know a guy who had  4.0 UGPA that didn't get in, so I called him to talk about it.  He believes that there were a few things that contributed to his not being admitted.  First of all, he blew the interviews.  He talked to much and gave too much attitude.  Secondly, his undergrad course history wasn't what they wanted either.  He took too many classes unrelated to law.  Thirdly, HLS looked into his High School grades and extra-curricular activities.  His grades in high school were good, but not great, and all he did was football - they wanted to see debate team or other intellectual pursuits.
They don't care that you think your mind is ready to take tests or that you think your LSAT prep was awesome either.  Only a dipstick with an undergrad who isn't prepared for law school talks like you.  More arrogance.  HLS is looking for the best of the best, not some guy with a perfect GPA who thinks he is the best and is happy to brag about it to everyone.
Furthermore, while I have substantive reasons that I believe online law school represents a questionable education, your post was baseless and had no substance (much like the rest of the posts you have placed on these boards), further indicating that you are in fact nothing more than a troll.
Take the LSAT and apply to some schools before you talk trash about other people, their intelligence, and your own greatness.  People like you embarrass those of use who intend on and are on the path towards law school.  One day, you might end up being one of the lawyers that disgraces our profession and reinforces the public's belief that lawyers are arrogant a-holes that suck as human beings and force their egos on everyone around them.

Black Law Students / Re: Former gang member...What are my chances?
« on: August 24, 2010, 12:18:38 PM »
pickle isn't a law student.
He hasn't been accepted to any law school.
Therefore, his opinion counts as much as the opinion of the pigeon who crapped on my car this morning.
He believes that if he displays arrogance and a misplaced sense of superiority, people will care what a guy with an undergrad degree (pending) thinks about law school.  No one should or does.  Ignore this moron.  He knows nothing and is a typical troll.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Class Statistics?
« on: August 24, 2010, 12:13:47 PM »
People aren't trying to show me the "supposed" error of my ways, but rather trying to prove themselves to me. You, with your very post, are trying to prove yourself to me. Instead of actually defending your previous post, which I criticized, you post a new one and try to take some holier than thou attitude with me. You do not show experience, but rather naivety, you do not show intellect, but rather a veneer of intellectualism, you do not show humility, but rather personified falsity. Please tone down your own hypocritical statements into something more tangible and sensible to your previous post.

Your whole post was a cop-out from your previous one, so don't try and pull a fast one on me, Denny. Good try though.

I thought you were a real person for a moment there and not some troll tying to whip people up.  I don't have to, nor do I feel compelled to, prove myself to you.  You are not a law student.  You never have been.  You haven't even been accepted to law school yet.  I have.  Which means, regardless of what you think, that on an educational basis, I am superior to you.  I got my undergrad years ago and am in the process of actually obtaining my J.D.  I don't need to prove myself to you.  You need to prove yourself to me.  That's why you hate what I (and others) wrote so much- you are probably used to the morons you hang out with showing you deference because they believe you are smarter and more educated than they are.  You are neither smarter, nor more educated than I am.  Therefore, it is illogical to believe that I owe you anything, should show you respect, or need to prove anything to you.  You aren't a law student, yet you spend an inordinate amount of time on a law school message board pretending you know more than law students.  You don't.  And it is obvious.  To everyone.
I didn't respond to your criticisms of my previous posts for a number of reasons:
1) I don't argue with morons, especially when morons use ad hominem to reply to what was an attempt at giving an opinion and observations
2) I felt that responding to your ridiculous assertions and arguments was a complete waste of time.  You don't listen to learn or understand, you listen to find argument - pointless argument
3) There is no point in trying to explain to a know-it-all that their perceptions of law school are unrealistic, especially when I've been in law school and the know-it-all has no f-ing idea what he is talking about.

If you took my conciliatory tone to be a "cop out" or a "holier-than-thou" attitude, all that does is further illustrate your poor, confrontational, ridiculous attitude.  Too much attitude from a person who hasn't done a thing, hasn't experienced a thing, yet believes themselves to be worldly and better than others.
F you.  I ended each of my previous posts wishing you well.  Now I just hope your attitude comes back to bite you in the ass.  I'm betting it will. I'm hoping it will.  I guarantee you will get a major attitude adjustment.  I tried to be nice, even after you assailed my character, intelligence, and abilities.
Then again, what do I know?  You are about to graduate from undergrad, so clearly you have more insight into law school than a 2L (as well as everyone else here, who HAVE attended law school).  Enjoy memorizing the text and working hard to alienate yourself by projecting your horrible, deplorable superiority complex.  You will surely fail exams because people like you lose sight of synthesizing rules, adopting interpretations to fact patterns, and thinking like a lawyer.  Just ask the guy I argued against last semester in moot court.  He memorized facts, statutes, and supporting cases, then intentionally misinterpreted them, created facts, lied to the court, and lost.  To me.  A mental midget compared to him (in his eyes).
Perhaps the best part of what you will struggle with is that the professors are going to have a TON of fun making your life a living hell.  They always find the a-hole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else and figure out exactly how to make them look like complete idiots in front of the rest of the (very appreciative) class.
I sincerely believe that what you need to correct your insanity is to fail, and I hope you do so gloriously.
Then, you can troll these boards as a guy who couldn't hack it in the legal profession, pretending all along that you know better.
Undergrad losers like you make the rest of us laugh our rear ends off.  You literally know nothing.  Nothing about life, nothing about building relationships, nothing about professionalism, and NOTHING about law school.  Undergrad is a joke.  Any doofus who applies himself can do well. I had a friend who blew off the majority of his classes, crammed before his tests, and still managed to graduate in the top 5% at the U of Illinois.  He works as a carpet cleaner now, primarily because he never learned how to learn, how to treat others, and a variety of the other skills you are supposed to learn in undergrad.  You will fail, and I hope it stings.
Next time, before opening your mouth about something and pretending to be an expert, try actually doing the thing you claim is so easy.  As it stands, you are not a law student, have never attended a law school, have never taken a single law school exam, and have absolutely zero expertise or knowledge of what the study of law requires.
Plus, lawyering is a people business.  It is crystal clear that you lack any semblance of people skills.  If, by some miracle, you end up becoming an attorney and refuse to amend your behavior, you will struggle to find work and, now this is just my personal fantasy, live a lonely existence as yet another self-aggrandizing poor "lawyer" who can't manage to find clients without offering their services at well below market value.
Enjoy the remainder of undergrad.  Life is about to punch you in the balls.

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