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I agree that it isn't good. But more than just bad, this week has been truly bizarre for Mccain. I love getting on CNN and reading that "Palin is going rogue" as well. Borderline hilarious.

yeah apparently McCain is pissed that Palin is doing her own thing. by the way, is this the reason why McCain had to use Palin's body double in his speech? watch the woman in view of camera pretending to be Palin. this is really bizzare.

Just when we hoped for an exciting close race in this historic election... the poll gap widens even more.

PS: if u ever run for office, pick a good campaign manager and try not to let your brother ruin your life.


- One of McCain's volunteer staff alleges a "big black man" sexually assaulted her, robbed her, and carved a "B" in her cheeks.
- McCain campaign breaks the story. Fox News and AM radio talk show hosts report it as news.
- Police confirm it to be a political hoax. The woman is facing jail time.
- Fox News Vice President: "If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain?s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."
- A day later, McCain's brother, Joe McCain, calls up 911 to complain about the traffic and cusses out the operator.

1) First this happened:

2) Then this happened:

lol @ "hi i can't come to the phone right now cuz im too busy dealing with important family political project."

It would be a win win situation for us as interest rates on those loans will be considerably lower, and job prospects will improve by then.

my boss (well, ex-boss) quit his job in the IT department here at ucla law to work at UCI. i am not sure about the whole accredited thing, but i know i will be applying to UCI especially with everything my ex-boss has been telling me. the UCI application is quite comprehensive, requiring an additional statement to the personal statement and requiring 3 letters of recommendation. there are also a bunch of optional statements, like about diversity and whatnot, that you can provide. only 60 students are going to be accepted, and i know that a lot of faculty from other top-tier law schools were recruited to teach at UCI. i dunno, being a part of the first-class of a law school seems appealing, especially it being a small class (getting to know professor's on a really intimate level) and, of course, because it will be free.

i've also been told that they will be only accepting those with high gpa's and high lsat scores b/c they want to be a top tier law school asap. anyway i just incoherently spit out all i know about UCI law, sorry

I don't think too many top students (170+/3.6+) will choose free tuition at such risk vs. sure $$ at top schools. but 60 is a pretty small number and they just might pull this off.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Course of Action for a low October score?
« on: October 26, 2008, 06:52:39 PM »
Apply with an addendum stating that you are retaking Dec and expect, based on your practice tests, to approach or exceed 170.  Hopefully they'll put you on hold.


Study your arse off, take Feb or June, and apply early go to Harvard.

what's the difference between applying with dec score and applying now and telling them to hold?

Interesting...anyone more knowledgeable than me have any thoughts?

UC Irvine, in terms of their UG, is a legit tier 1. As for the law school, free tuition thing at this time is in bit of a paradox. it makes sense to get a JD for free during bad economy, but you are risking your life in the long run by gambling with a non-accredited school. Worst case scenario is you sit next to a cubical with a cooley grad. Best case scenario is you are ahead of everyone by an average of $75k.

If you graduate while the school is still non-aba accredited, and becomes accredited after graduation, will your degree still have the same merit as a degree granted from accredited schools?

oh, and don't forget to read replies by "Ellen" for a good laugh.



I took the last December 07 and October 08. I canceled both. I had really bad luck and was sick both times with a bad cold. if I take this December LSAT, that would make 3 in 2 years. Since 2 yr period is over, does this mean I can take next June's (09) if for some reason I had to cancel again? (which is highly unlikely)

Law School Applications / Re: Disciplinary Action ruin my chances?
« on: October 26, 2008, 12:28:27 PM »
You definitely could have been caught doing worse things. Having sex isn't's awesome.  Find out if it's on your record, and if it's not, great, and if it is, I still don't think it will be that big of a deal.  You weren't caught drinking underage, doing drugs, or plagiarizing.  Those would be looked poorly upon...but even ad comms have sex.

no, they don't.

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