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Law School Admissions / Re: Character and Fitness Question
« on: October 28, 2008, 01:29:47 PM »
Sorry for the third person, thought it was cute.....

I'm afraid if I email the law school they will put my name on the "do not admit at all costs list."

you don't have to disclose any identifying info in the email. i don't think they are, and for the most part they are extremely polite. besides, if they really wanted to track you down, they would just save your avatar pic.

Hey people! I just got an email from Vandy saying they are offering off-campus interview for prospective applicants. Here's your chance to let them know who you are personally. I think this would be more effective than a personal statement. Don't forget to brush your teeth!

Law School Admissions / Re: Asking For Fee Waivers
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:50:39 AM »
do law schools give out fee waiver before getting our lsat scores?

Law School Admissions / Re: Character and Fitness Question
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:48:33 AM »
My "ahem" FRIEND, has had 6 speeding tickets, all of which were before she turned 18 (so we are talking 6 years ago) and she had to take defensive driving. 

Her ass hole husband and her separated, her name was NOT on the mortgage papers, but her name was on deed (hubby bought house then quit claimed his interest to both of them as husband and wife).

She moved out, hubby stopped paying mortgage.  Her name was still on title and bank is foreclosing.  They named her as a defendant rather than a non-party.  She called the bank's counsel and asked why she was named, to which they told her "for your own protection since you have an interest in the house, but you are NOT financially responsible." 

So my question is . . . is this a character and fitness issue?  Technically she is named as a defendant in a mortgage foreclosure action, which looks like she is not a financially responsible person, which our Indiana state bar requirements list as being of importance.

Her attorney boss prepared a disclaimer of interest and she took her name off the title, but she is still involved in the action.

What can I tell her?

1) you can ask her to stop talking in 3rd person cuz it's kind of weird.
2) email this to your law school in interest, in first person, and ask if it should be disclosed. law schools generally respond very fast.

Law School Admissions / Re: Admissions and the economy
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:14:14 AM »
im thinking the opposite as well. bad economy means ppl seeking higher degrees in various graduate schools including law.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Reading LR Questions First, Good or Bad?
« on: October 27, 2008, 12:49:55 PM »
What are everyone's thoughts regarding reading LR questions first and then attacking the stimulus?

i like this approach better than stimulus first. it saves time.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: HELLO question about a girl, georgetown?
« on: October 27, 2008, 11:05:05 AM »
this is the most bizarre flame ever

you and i think alike. it sure is indeed.

I agree that it isn't good. But more than just bad, this week has been truly bizarre for Mccain. I love getting on CNN and reading that "Palin is going rogue" as well. Borderline hilarious.

yeah apparently McCain is pissed that Palin is doing her own thing. by the way, is this the reason why McCain had to use Palin's body double in his speech? watch the woman in view of camera pretending to be Palin. this is really bizzare.

Just when we hoped for an exciting close race in this historic election... the poll gap widens even more.

PS: if u ever run for office, pick a good campaign manager and try not to let your brother ruin your life.


- One of McCain's volunteer staff alleges a "big black man" sexually assaulted her, robbed her, and carved a "B" in her cheeks.
- McCain campaign breaks the story. Fox News and AM radio talk show hosts report it as news.
- Police confirm it to be a political hoax. The woman is facing jail time.
- Fox News Vice President: "If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain?s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."
- A day later, McCain's brother, Joe McCain, calls up 911 to complain about the traffic and cusses out the operator.

1) First this happened:

2) Then this happened:

lol @ "hi i can't come to the phone right now cuz im too busy dealing with important family political project."

It would be a win win situation for us as interest rates on those loans will be considerably lower, and job prospects will improve by then.

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