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I've already submitted two LOR from my English professors. Now, I know that many schools require 2, but accept up to four LOR.
I can't obtain anymore academic recommendations because I graduated college last year and took most classes in my last 2 years online, so professors don't know me personally. While in the college, I interned for an investment company and after graduation from January until May temporary worked for another firm.
I am sure that my internship supervisor and my boss from my last temporary job won't mind giving me recommendations. The problem is, after working with them closely I know that both of them are very busy people and not the best writers. If I ask them it's either going to be good recommendations but written in mediocre format or I will have to write them myself.
So, what do you think guys, should I go for it and try to obtain additional LORs from them or just stick with my two already received academic LORs?

I will trade, PM me yours

Anyone willing to read my statement or trade critiques?

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