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I'm in section 2 and 10A.  I think I may be in your section Kevin, unless there are more than one Kevin (didn't check).  As for the schedule of classes, I noticed an error.  For Contracts with Linder, that's for section 2 (on Monday and Tuesday) and not for 4.  I've email the registrar to let them know of the error.  For a bit there, I was confused as to why we only had one contracts class for 2 hours, and everyone had it 4 days of 1-hr classes for contracts.

Hiya  ;-)

how are you seeing the names of the other people in your class?
And where are you seeing the section?
Are you looking in ISIS?

Hey, count me in on the meeting ;-)

I signed up for the state fair as well.

Also, I see my classes in isis. Cool! Only in school until about 12.30pm each day! Pretty sweet!

do you guys know when we're getting our reading list for this fall semester?  from the last packet we received from them, it seems like we won't get a list until first day of orientation.  that's slightly stressful, considering some schools have sent out their reading list in early June.

I think they said they will send them in the end of July, I hope!

hopefully my packet is patiently waiting for me at home.  :D

what computer class??

does it say anything about what section we're assigned to, reading assignments, etc.?

It just talks about our orientation and says they will be sending another packet the end of July with our classes and reading lists.

The computer class, is a lab they want you to sign up for to learn about the library and get your laptops configured.

Also, included a schedule for our orientation week. The exam will be on a Saturday!

I was abit disapointed, I was hoping I would know my fall schedule and have some reading lists or something but the packet pretty much said relax and move to Iowa in good time so you can be relaxed by the time classes start.

Just got the packet and signed up for the computer class.

OMG guys, this is it!!


Any word when we will hear any info from them??

Just spoke to the admissions office today, they sent out information packets on Friday.

hey, thanks for passing on the info.

on an unrelated note, how many of yall are getting funny looks from your friends and co-workers about your decision to attend Iowa?

At first I was annoyed, but now its hilarious to me to see people's blank stares as they try to remember where Iowa is on a map.

OMG! Everyone has said something to me, from "Ohio?" to "at least you won't have any distractions!"

I am slightly self-depracating about the move to Iowa as well, but I am excited.

My friend told me that after the class they give us a guesstimate ranking, which is supposed to predict where we will fall in our first yr.

They told him he would be bottom 50% and he was top 10%, so don't feel bad if your ranking isn't high.

So we have to pay for the gym and the pool and the tennis court??

That really sucks!

Just looked at the Lodge and it looks nice.

I really want a gym and a pool, I will have to buy a pass for the school center.

Kevin, do we get free internet included at the uni apts? is it ethernet?

I just moved to Iowa City.  So far I really like it.  The downtown is great and they have some great food.  I'm sorry if I missed this but when is everyoone moving here? 

I am moving Aug 2nd. I am glad to hear you think it is nice.

Where are you living?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: U of Iowa Class of 2009
« on: June 19, 2006, 09:18:38 PM »
Thanks, I wanted to go to Chicago anyway so i'll kill 2 birds with one stone, lol


I'm moving from Los Angeles, so I feel your pain.  I'm driving up my small car with all of my personal belongings (that I cannot part with) and leaving all my furniture behind.  I will need to make a trip to Ikea (unless I find a good local furniture store) to get at least my bed and study table.  If you're planning to rent a uhual for your ikea trip, maybe we can do it together and split the cost. With all these expenses left and right, I'm trying to be as frugal as possible.   ::)

Hey, I am feeling you. I think I may need to get a u-haul to get this stuff back, we can def share it!!

Also, does this mean we don't actually need the money for our books upfront??

And I got a university apt today, eek, a 2 bedroom as well, as the 1br were gone.

It will have to do for my first year!!

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