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received 'on hold' by snail mail.

i know it means 'defer' and probably better than a waitlist.

does CLS give out many 'on hold's?

what would be my chances?

fyi, my numbers are 168/3.4

thanks in advance for your kind replies~

The recommendor who's supposed to write me a LOR is at another country.

I know I should print the request form, put my signature and send it to him.

However, is it possible that I put in my signature digitally(ex. PDF writer or a similar program)?

That would make things much easier for me, since then I would only have to send my recommender an e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your kind replies :-)

I sent my transcripts through DHL, and it has been received by LSAC on thursday 10am.

But my account status still says 'No transcript received'

Does it normally take a day or two?

Or is there something wrong with my transcripts?

I tried calling them but they've already closed for the day.

Can't wait 12 hours...

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