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Canadian Law Students / Re: Bad Decision ???
« on: October 08, 2008, 03:59:42 PM »
I think you would have about a 25% chance (at best) of getting into H with your gpa plus a 171. Yale you need 175 or over. I think most everyone is this H and Y category has "amazing" EC. Then you also need 40 something grand a year for tuition and money to live in a foreign country or working whilst on a student visa.  Average graduate salaries for Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Stanford, Penn State all seem to be the same from the numbers I have seen and in line with H. H and Y have great rep obviously, but I dont think they will greatly influence (compared to other ivy league and top schools) your earning potential in private law. If you want to be a judge or something like this, a disproportionate number of grads from Y go on to fill these and academic law positions, booooring.....

I guess so many people romanticize over H and Y so all the  talk seems pretty pointless unless you have the numbers. Do some serious research of your own, I cant see many prospective H and Y students needing guidance on whether or not its a good school choice or this and that seemingly bizarre inquiries, its like telling a nobel scientist how to direct his research. If you've actually got it in you, you'll just do it, boom. Just do it!!!

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