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Liberals sure are a bunch of hateful people.


This is really disturbing that some mortal being, like yourself, claims to know what happens after we die. If your mother didn't pound this into your head as a child, would you have come to the same conclusion?

If the teachers in your schools didn't pound into your head that we cannot know happens after we die, would you come to the same conclusion?

So, if Jesus married the church, does that make him a polygamist, or is he just married to an idea? I'd kind of like to marry an idea. I'm not entirely sure how we'd consummate the union, though.  Also, did Jesus consummate his union with the church, or could the pope totally annul the union?

I don't even know how to respond to such blasphemy. It is a metaphor, just as Christ is the Head and the Church is the body of Christ. However, one day you will stand before Him and you can ask him that ridiculous question yourself. Although, I doubt you will have the courage to say such a thing when that time comes.

To elephant lee: I did read the post you were responding to, but after reading it again I see that I most likely responded to you in a wrong way. Sorry about that.



eta: bible interpretation can be fun!  And, as far as Romans 1, it looks like it's mostly just Peter's view of homosexuality.  Maybe Peter had an agenda?

Paul wrote Romans under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I wonder why Jesus and most of the disciples never got to meet their other half. I also wonder such large swaths of Christianity fetishize the family when the new testament is downright anti-family at times.

What in the world are you talking about? I highly doubt you know much of anything of the New Testament. The Bible claim Jesus is God, and his bride is the Church-you would know that if you actually took the time to read and understand the New Testament. Also, the Bible does not claim that there is one out there for everyone; infact, it says sometimes it is better for some to remain unmarried. However, you can read Romans 1 along with many other passages to see how God views homosexuality.

UVA for some odd reason.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Fee Waivers
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:09:28 AM »
Haha, I am. Thanks for the reply.

Choosing the Right Law School / Fee Waivers
« on: October 28, 2008, 07:49:12 AM »
What is the correlation between being offered a few waiver and the chances of being accepted at a school? With a 157 on the lsat in October and a 3.9 gpa, I do not understand why the University of Virginia sent me an email saying, "You have an impressive record and we'd like you to apply, so we've waived your $75 application fee. The fee waiver will be applied automatically when you submit the LSAC e-app."

I do not attend an impressive school and I am not a URM, so I am perplexed by this. I wouldn't expect a fee waiver from Cooley with my unimpressive numbers.


And after 100 tears or so of reverse racism I think we could call it even then. I know as a whitey I would like to say, whoops sorry about that whole slavery thing, jim crow laws, not letting you into our law schools until 30 years ago and everything else we did bad, but alls forgiven now, we are equal now, I was not born then, so lets just get rid of any benifit you have no matter how small it is in comparison to the benifit we had for 200+ years, thats fair right? kthxbi.

Beside this whole conversation has nothing really to do with AA and has more to do with certain peoples sense of entitlement that they should be able to go to certain school, like they have that right, and someone is taking their spot so they are pissed. You know whoís taken your spots? Not the blacks, the damn womenz, they are are 51% of most entering classes, they should be in the home making babies. Want to blame someone for AA, women invented it, other minorities just saw what a great tool it was and picked up the banner. Mad you canít get into Yale? Blame your mother for being so uppity and demanding equal treatment they ruined it for all white males.
Otherwise STFU lifeís not fair, and thinking it is or should be is what we get for raising a generation of pampered coddled kids who got trophy just for playing in little league even though they lost every single damn game. Youíre not gifted, youíre not special, youíre not entitled to go to some school just because you work hard, no matter what your mom told you. The world does not owe you anything and you donít get rewarded just for trying hard. Sorry but thatís the breaks. Deal with it.

First of all, why argue against my argument by making my argument? Are you nuts? THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE ME ANYTHING? You are exactly right. Neither does the world owe anyone else anything based on the color of their skin. I am against the principle of affirmative action, not the people who receive the benefits of it.

I do not think that people can defeat racism with racism. Also, how can a school determine whether a person has been the object of racism? If you are black, does that mean you have faced discrimination? If you are white, does that mean you have not faced discrimination? I think it is absurd that some people believe that everything that is wrong in the black community is a result of racism. If AA is necessary, how long will it take before it will become unnecessary? In my opinion, AA is reverse racism. I do not think it helps to alleviate racism, but further promote it. An example of this is Clarence Thomas. Many people think that the only reason he got into Yale was because of AA, not because of his brilliance and hard work. With AA in place, many people assume that their black classmates are there as a result of AA, not a result of their talent. This needs to stop. We do not need to constantly class people by their physical characteristics. We do not need one race believing that another race owes them something, or one race thinking another has an unfair advantage just because of the color of their skin. I was born in 1986, do not hold me accountable for something SOME WHITE people subjected SOME BLACK people to long before I was born.

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