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Exactly. If you failed some classes or had D's from your last school that didn't transfer over, those classes will be averaged into your total GPA, no matter how long ago you took them and even if you retook them later, and even if your school had some kind of forgiveness policy. LSAC averages it all in together, and you have to give LSAC transcripts from every college you ever attended even if you took college courses while in highschool. I think that covers all the basic questions people usually ask about this. btw, which umass?



The only difference I see is A-'s are 3.67 and here they are 3.7's, which is a minimal difference at best. If I may ask, why are there many people on Lawschoolnumbers with huge differences between their Degree and LSAC GPA?  Some I have seen as much as half a full point difference.

I see people on Law School numbers with like 3.6 degree GPA's, then a 3.2 for an LSAC GPA. I go to UMass, and did a semester at the University of Maryland. Will my LSAC GPA probably be around my degree GPA?  UMass has the standard GPA scale that LSAC uses, Maryland had a different one but theirs actaully hurt me. So can I consider that my GPA will be pretty much the same as it is at my University?

Studying for the LSAT / What options do i have for test prep?
« on: October 27, 2005, 06:45:59 PM »
I go to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  I know that testmaster/powerscore is regarded as one of the best, but unfortunately the closest one is in boston which is 4 hours away total.  There is kaplan and princeton review practically on campus. I know Kaplan is supposed to be horrible, not sure about Princeton Review though.  Do I have any other options here besides taking the PR class? My plan of attack for the LSAT is a good few months of self studying, followed by the prep class right before the exam.

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