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Im still waiting on Arizona State. I applied in january and I have not heard ANYTHING from them, even though I confirmed that they recieved my app. Not that I care because I already committted to a school , but I think it's pretty rude and tacky not to at least provide people with some kind of idea what is going on with their app.


Its a boring day at work and your threads always brighten my day ;)

though, if you were top 10% at U of M why would you even consider transferring?? Seems you'd own the miami legal market and would have a  shot at biglaw in other markets as well.

I'll be honest, its 90% ego reasons.  Plus I have one of those personalities where I will always aim for more and better, that is just how I am.  Also, a biglaw job would be much more guarunteed at a school like yours than at mine, and maybe I could relax a little bit and not have to be top 10% after 1L. But at Miami, if I can't pull off top 10% after the 1st year, I can't work at the Miami biglaw firms. 

Pulled this off of Cornell's website

"Accepted transfer students are almost always at least in the top 10% of their first-year class"

If I got top 10% at Miami, would I be able to transfer into the really competitive schools, like NYU/Columbia/U of Chicago?

that is what I was thinking, but i was just trying to verify. What schools would I still not have access to though, being in the top 15%? If i pulled that off somehow, would I be able to get into a place like Duke and NYU, or just the upper ones like Boston U?

Just curious how hard/possible this would be?  :) I have no issue with going to U of Miami, Im just curious to see how hard this would be.


::taking bets that umass will boink a lady in his section::


BTW Aesop Rock rules. They have a new song on the Adult Swim/ Definitive Jux collaboration CD. Very cool stuff

what's the deal w/ people saying that law school is like high school? In all honesty, high school sucked, college was where it's at. But ive heard this from a lot of different people, and also people that don't post on message boards, so it seems to be well known. So what exactly makes it like highschool?

Um, yeah, we're not talking about high school in the good way.  We mean it in the gossipy, cliquey, annoying kind of way.
ha, well i guess that's ok. My major problem in highschool was I was a very quiet, skinny guy who didn't really talk to much, but college + weightlifting has taken care of that rather nicely ;D   Cliques are lame as hell though, i am extremely anti-clique.  I am friends with nerds, stoners, drunks, hippies, jocks, frat boys, practically all types of people, and that is why I have been having so much fun in college. Cliques are for chumps.  :D

I have a question for anyone that goes to a law school that is on the undergrad campus (U of Miami, U of Texas, etc etc).  Is the social atmosphere similar to college (not counting work obviously), where on the weekends there are always parties at people's houses, or do undergrads and law students usually not mix together?  I am very curious about this, mostly because im not sure if this is the end of social fun for me, or if i will still have 3 more years of this.

How many law students did you hang out with in undergrad?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

well my college doesn't have a law school so it's not really applicable to me.  Have you ever heard of UMass Law school
?   :D  I have gone to the bar w/ grad students though, but they weren't law students, just some girl mastering in spanish or something

Since I work and go to school full-time, having no life is the norm for me. I'm hoping I find just enough time to have a decent social life during law school. Not too much, not too little. But then, I'll be "the old guy" so I'm sure that's going to cut down on socialization, especially with the younger crowd.

it depends not how old you are, but how old you feel

I feel younger than my age, so that's a definite plus.

We do also have the older (late 20's-early 30's) guy in my section that is out all the time (and pulling more a** than anybody else I know here) hanging out.

This is definitely promising. ;D

i love hanging out with older people. I have as much fun getting drunk with my buddies, as I do hanging out with my neighbors at home who are like 40 with families. I've found that if you are just a social person, you will get along with pretty much anyone regardless of age.  ;D

This is also promising. I don't drink to get drunk (anymore) but just spending some time hanging out and talking about something other than school is likely what I'll be looking for.
getting drunk is always fun, but i've found the best times ive had are when i am just pretty buzzed. When people get drunk they start getting stupid and beligerant, but people that are just buzzed are way more fun to hang around. I am a big fan of the controlled alcohol buzz if you haven't noticed.  :D Enough to ligthen me up and get me way more talktive and adventerous, but not enough to impair me phsyically. Otherwise, how can i talk to girls if i can barely walk?  ;)

Yeah, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Alcohol as a social enhancer, not as an impediment.

haha that is funny, because I actually use that as my main justification. I don't try to escape from reality, i love my life and I love living, i drink as an enhancement, and it really does make me overall happier every day.

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