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I applied in January, and I am still waiting on Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark, University of San Diego, University of Florida, Florida State, University of Arizona, and Arizona State. Should I just assume all these places have rejected me if they are taking so long to get back to me?

I am probably going to attend U of Miami in the fall, but I figure what can I lose by trying to transfer to another school? I really don't care where I live, I just want a decent shot at getting a biglaw job. If I were to try to transfer into BC or Fordham, how hard would that be really? I wouldn't other transferring unless I could get into a top 25 because I have no problem attending Miami and working there.

Even though it sounds stupid, I am a very social person and I still haven't gotten the "going out to bars and parties" out of my system yet.  Someone in the other thread stated that the student base at Miami is older, so does that mean I am going to feel extremely out of place being only 21?  I am not a boozer or anything, but I like to go out on the weekends to bars and have a nice time, and I am worried that it will be akward if I am going to school with all 30 year olds and stuff.

Law School Admissions / Starting Salary vs. Raises
« on: March 19, 2007, 08:57:43 PM »
On average, for people not in Biglaw (Maybe at a medium sized firm starting at 75-80k), how much of a raise per year, if any is to be expected?

If someone was a marijuana smoker in the past, would that person have to disclose that they partook in this activity to the ABA? Also, will it prevent them from being admitted to the bar?

I found one, but I am not sure how legit the information is.  It said U Of Miami's average was 79,000, Florida State was 60,000, and University of Florida was like 53,000.  Which is weird because that seems to be backwards going by rankings.  Any other sites out there?

I am trying to find out information about American Law, after reading about how crappy and expensive it is at another forum (XOXO) and i can't seem to find the searh button on here?

Basically what the title states. I am talking about people with non-URM status as well.

I just want to make this thread to teach others not to do what i did.  :)  I have a 3.6 LSDAS GPA and 156 LSAT, and my ego got the best of me and I refused to apply to any Tier 3 schools.  So I applied all over the board, from places ranked 87, to ones ranked 35.  The first thing I heard back was an acceptance from Miami, which is ranked in the middle (65).  But after that, ive been rejected by almost every school i applied to (about 8 so far), and 1 waitlisted me.  Half of the schools i applied to had lower stats than Miami too. I am literally thanking God right now that I applied to Miami, because if not,  I might not be going to law school next year.  So don't do what I did and let your ego get the best of you. Even though it's nice that I got in somewhere, it kind of sucks having no choice of school, takes a little of the fun out of it

I have no idea what format to send this in, and what I should include. I am really not sure how to write one without having it sound tacky.  They only want emails, no physical letters. Can anyone help me out on this please? I'd really love to get off the American wait list, so I need to make it perfect. Thanks!

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