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I got a 156 on my LSAT, and had a 3.58 LSDAS GPA from Umass. People on here told me I would be lucky to get into some decent Tier 3's.  I wound up applying anyway (to no Tier 3's), and figured if(when) I didn't get in anywhere, Ill retake the LSAT and reapply next year. To my suprise, I got into U of Miami, which is a really good regional Tier 2 apparantly .  So because I took a risk and applied for the hell of it, now I don't have to re take the LSAT ever again, or wait a year to start law school.  I also got waitlisted by a Tier 1 school, but I do not really want to go to that school anymore. If you get below mid 150's though, you're in trouble.  :-[

In college we usually go away on a 5 day or so vacation between fall and spring semester.  Can you do the same in law school, or do you have work and things to do over the break period?

I've noticed that past the top 25 schools or whatever, all the schools become regional schools rather than national ones.  So past 25 or whatever the number is, why does it matter if you go to a Tier 1 vs. a Tier 2?  I am not talking about situations where there is a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 school in the same region competing for job spots, I mean what is the purpose of going to a Tier 1 school in one region where it dominates that region, vs. a Tier 2 school that dominates its repective region? Seems like the distinction should not be between Tier 1 and Tier 2, but rather national schools ( like top whatever schools) and regional schools?

American has me on their waitlist but I really don't want to go there too much, and I am much too lazy to write a letter. If i stay on the waitlist but don't send them a letter, and get mediocre final semseter grades (3.0-3.4), do I have zero chance?

Law School Admissions / University of Miami it is!
« on: March 26, 2007, 03:45:58 PM »
Well got my rejection from U of Florida today, so it looks like I will be attending U of Miami.  :D I'm not too upset about the UF rejection though, from all the research I did, it wouldn't have put me in an advantage where I wanted to work anyway (In Miami), plus who wants to live in Gainesville for 3 years anyway!  ;D I'm on the waitlist for American University, but I think I might pull off of it.  It seems the job prospects coming out of American are worse than coming out of Miami, plus I have no desire to live in DC. Who else is a definate for UMiami at this point?

I am trying to figure out if the University of Miami law school is on the same campus as the college. Mainly, because i am trying to see if i can just walk to the college gym either from class, or if i am on-campus, from my apt/house/whatever.  Thanks.

My parents are very upset by the fact that I don't want to go to law school in New Jersey (we live in NJ), and they told me if I went to Rutgers Newark or Camden, they will help me out with tuition, vs. going to U of Miami where they won't help me out at all. There is no chance I will consider living in NJ for law school, and I also don't have any desire to work in NYC, i want to go somewhere warm. I am thinking that if I get rejected from both Rutger's campuses, they might feel bad and help me pay for Miami. So far Rutgers Newark has deferred me, and I am literally praying that both schools ding me, so i don't have to deal with my parents hassleing me about going to Rutgers.  Please reject me Rutgers!!!   :D

Financial Aid / Tell me about financial aid! Parents have cut me off!
« on: March 22, 2007, 09:46:55 PM »
My parents were kind enough to pay for my undergraduate education, but for law school they said I am on my own.  So I will probably go to U of Miami next fall, and I filled out and submitted my FAFSA tonite. I am an "independant" according to them, and not financial dependant on my parents anymore, and have about 500 dollars in total assets right now (which is 100% true, poor college student :( ).  My question is, do you think I will get any tuition money knocked off, or am I gonna have to just take out 100% of the money in federal loans? I am not sure how this works, like if they give you financial aid by knocking off some of the tuition for you + loans, or if it is just loans? Thanks.  I just figured i might get some need based grants that I don't have to pay back since I am poor as hell, but I am not sure?

Their 25th/75th for LSAT is 155/161. That is lower than most Tier 2 schools.  Most of the Tier 2 schools don't have lower 25th LSAT's than 158 or 156 (except the borderline toilet ones maybe)  Are they by far the easiest Tier 1 to get into? I applied with a 3.6 GPA and a 156, and i think i have a fair shot of getting in.

I keep google searching for salary information for schools, and ILRG keeps coming up. Is it a reputable site for this type of information?

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