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I have a question for anyone that goes to a law school that is on the undergrad campus (U of Miami, U of Texas, etc etc).  Is the social atmosphere similar to college (not counting work obviously), where on the weekends there are always parties at people's houses, or do undergrads and law students usually not mix together?  I am very curious about this, mostly because im not sure if this is the end of social fun for me, or if i will still have 3 more years of this.

It is pretty obvious that a lot of people here want to make big money someday, but it's always big law this, big law that. I'm sorry, but making a set salary is usually not the way to go if you want to have a lot of capital.  So i was thinking, what if someone were to become a DA for a 1-3 years, then become a U.S Attorney for 1-2 years, then open their own defense firm with the advertising of being a former U.S Attorney and District Attorney?  I am sure doing that is a hell of a lot more interesting than being a corporate attorney, and you could probably make substantially more money

One of my friends who is a lawyer is an open marijuana smoker, and I am just curious if he ever were to be caught for posession, could he get disbarred for that? If so, doesn't really seem like it is worth the risk at all to me.

Is this possible?  I predict my semester GPA to be anywhere from 2.6-3.3 right now for my final senior semester, but since my overall GPA is a 3.6, do I have any chance at getting my admission pulled back?  I took some courses that I should not have taken and i am having issues with them, and there is no way i will get higher than a 3.3 at this point this semester, and even that is optomistic.  On the other hand, i am only taking 12 credits instead of my usual 15, so perhaps that may  be less harsh on my cumulative? But anyway, is there a chance I won't be able to attent law school next year if i do get a few C's and have a sub 3.0 GPA for this semester? The only time I have ever gotten below a 3.5 semester GPA was freshman year when I got a 2.9. thank you guys.

I applied to like 13 different law schools, and so far only 1 has accepted me.  :o Strangely, it wasn't one of the lower end ones, it was one of my target/reaches. The ones that I thought for sure I would get in i didn't. Hooray for 1 school letting me in!  :D

At this point I will definately be attending there.  :D Just trying to see who else on here will be going to school with me. There is a facebook group with a lot of people in it already for new UMiami 1L's, and ive talked to a bunch of the people from it already and they seem pretty cool.  :D  Definitely not anti-social or nerdy sounding people which was my immediate and inaccurate impression of what law school people would be like.  :)

By traditional, i just mean average. No URM status, no ridicolous work experience, no 4.0 GPA from college.  In my own case, I noticed that all the schools i was way below the 25th percentile with my LSAT, i got rejected. And some even where I was a few points below, i got waitlisted, but since waitlists are useless to me i just consider it a rejection. And the one semi target school i had, i got into.  Im convinced that I could have had a 3.4, 3.5, 3.8, and it wouldn't have made one difference in my personal case.  Kind of scary how it works.

Law School Admissions / University of Arizona vs. U of Miami
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:38:26 AM »
Area aside, which school would give someone a better chance at getting local work at a big law/ medium law firm? 

I have already taken the LSAT, and one of the reasons I decided to just apply anyway without retaking, was I did not want to deal with taking the test without a timer.  How are you people dealing with this? I just think it stinks that they are making the LSAT harder than it already has to be.

What exactly are they looking for when they request your final grades? They claimed in their letter "this is a policy of all ABA certified schools, to request your final semester college grades". I had a 3.58 GPA when I applied, does that mean if my cumulative GPA drops, I am going to be at risk of getting pulled from the school?  Im still trying in college, but I definately do not expect a 3.5> GPA this semester. Luckily I am only taking 12 credits, and I already have 109 total credits, so hopefully if I get a flat 3.0 or something, it won't matter much? 

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