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If you are getting paid an hourly wage but working over 40 hours, are you entitled to overtime pay as a clerk?  Firm has not been paying me overtime pay, and said law clerks are in a class that is exempt from overtime wages

I have 1200 or below to spend on a laptop, and I just need it to be very reliable. I won't be playing games on it or anything, i just want it to not be laggy and be a quality reliable machine. I just bought a lenovo 3000 C200 and it's horrible, it has severe quality problems and hardware issues right out of the box so it's going back. Any other brands to reccomend that will be reliable? Reliability is #1 for me, I can't have it crapping out during an exam or anything.

How hard would this be? Would top 40% do it or am I being too optimistic? Just throwing things around right now, but I'm just curious what I would need from UMiami 1L to get into SMU Law?

General Off-Topic Board / Mike Nifong hearing (Duke Lax prosecutor)
« on: June 15, 2007, 08:19:31 AM »
It is on right now. This guy absolutely needs to be disbarred and then criminaly prosecuted.  >:(  Anything less then disbarred is going to be completely unnaceptable.

General Off-Topic Board / Anyone here work out?
« on: June 13, 2007, 10:03:18 PM »
I have been lifting/running for almost 4.5 years now and it's my favorite thing to do. Plus girls seem to like it  ;D   ;D Does anyone else here workout?

So I'm going to U of Miami in the fall, and I understand that in order to get into corporate law, I'm gonna have to be damn near top 10% of my class. But as of now, I know a women through my father who is a big business player in the city of Miami, and knows about 3/4 of the lawyers in Miami, mostly business ones.  Do you think if I can network through her and pull my cards right, that I could land a corporate law job without that top 10%, or is the legal industry more focused on grades and school prestige than networking aka knowing people? 

This is probably not the right forum to post this in, but I couldn't really find a better one in here since all the other sections are just about law school.  I have been hearing some very promising information recently regarding obtaining a legal position at a CDO (aka Derivatives) corporation, or firm, whatever they are referred to.  I was trying to found out if it is possible to get an in house counsel job at one of these CDO/Derivatives firms right out of law school?  And if not, what is the best route to take to try to get a job at one of these places? (like what type of position to try to get out of law school).  Thanks a lot.

I'm worried that I might get my admission pulled. When I applied, I had a 3.6 GPA. This semester I got a 2.6 GPA (2 B's, a B-, and a C-). But i took a 12 credit load instead of 15, so my cumulative is at a 3.48 right now, and this is my final college GPA, im gradutating with a 3.48. Should i be worried, because this semester was substantially lower than any GPA i've ever gotten (i got a 2.9, but that was 1st semester freshman year, past that ive never gotten below a 3.5. Should I not worry since my cumulative is still fine, or is a bad final semester going to make them pull me from the school I haven't even started at yet?

Im still waiting on Arizona State. I applied in january and I have not heard ANYTHING from them, even though I confirmed that they recieved my app. Not that I care because I already committted to a school , but I think it's pretty rude and tacky not to at least provide people with some kind of idea what is going on with their app.

Just curious how hard/possible this would be?  :) I have no issue with going to U of Miami, Im just curious to see how hard this would be.

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