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My GPA, as calculated by my univeristy (top public), is 3.81. I got two A+'s, some A's, a lot of A-'s, and like two or three B+'s. However, I also got a NP grade. This was the result of me thinking I had dropped a class, but in fact not having done so (and not finding out untill the end of the smester). This drops my LSAC GPA to 3.59, though my university ignores it, and gives me a 3.81 GPA.

I made a note about this in an addendum, but do you think adcoms will care, and treat me as a 3.81 GPA applicant? Or do they only care about their US News and World Report rankings and will thus consider me as a 3.59 student. Thanks.

The first thing I would do (would have done) is go talk to your school and check into the possibility of getting the NP changed to a Withdraw grade.  I was in a similar situation at one point, and by getting the professor to sign off that I had not attended classes or done any work my grade was changed.  Granted, it still looks bad but it doesn't ding your GPA.

Current Law Students / Re: What has the biggest impact on 1L grades?
« on: January 09, 2009, 04:10:35 PM »
It's panopticon. And Foucault was not an English academic. Mix the two up again, and I'll problematize you so fast you won't know what othered you.

Also if you think legal academia is about "clear, concise sentences that cut to the heart of the matter and eviscerate it" you haven't been exposed to nearly enough legal writing.

unfortunately for you, bentham was, so OP's original point is still (somewhat) valid.

the real question you should be asking yourself about working in law school is, are you a panoptican, or a panoptican't?

not a very good reporter.  my guess is that he will be arrested and tried instead of just getting shot like saddam hussein would have done.. ;)

love that bush humor..."it was a size 10 shoe."

Oops.  Your guessing skills appear to be on par with your political compass.

At least the new American-backed regime has the courtesy to break his arm, ribs, and give him a severe beating, instead of just shooting him.  No word on whether he's been waterboarded yet.

Job Search / Re: T-14 students doing temp work?
« on: December 13, 2008, 10:17:36 PM »
Still, $35-40/hr isn't horrible pay...

the down side of temp work is not the pay, but rather the lack of status and opportunity for advancement.

From what I've read, temp work is also very inconsistent because it's project-oriented.  Some projects last weeks, others last months.  The hours are also, supposedly, inconsistent.

I always thought the inconsistency of temp work is almost a plus to it, you get a good job for a couple weeks and can then bail and go do whatever for a while, come back and work some more, get a lot of reading and lounging done while still making enough to cover minimal expenses, albeit without saving.

Of course, I'm just out of undergrad and still enjoying life (hitting up the libraries gyms and basketball courts) and didn't come out of law school with a JD and 6 figure debt.  I imagine if I'm still doing this then I'll have a somewhat different perspective on this lifestyle.

Thanks for the tip.  If I actually get accepted I will be sure to contact him for some information on the program.

Sorry.  I know very little about admissions.  But I do know plenty about New Grad, 1L courses and professors, Hyde Park, and any other non-admissions questions you might have.

Again, good luck.

I've been looking around the Chicago website since I am a loser and have nothing better to do with my time.  Do you know anyone who has done the MAPH (Master of Arts Program in the Humanities) while completing a JD degree?  That program looks absolutely awesome and if I am fortunate enough to be accepted to Chicago I will probably apply there and try to go for a dual-degree, maybe with a focus on Philosophy of Law or something.  I might also apply to the IR program or human rights program, because I am a sucker for academia and degrees.  Any knowledge of people who have gone down these paths and their experiences with it?

Thanks for the vote of confidence!  With Obama getting elected I wonder if applications are going up there.  Maybe you should submit an addendum regarding the testes-donation thing, you never know what soft factors might put you over the top  :D

Good luck!  Here's to us joining the Chicago class of 2012!

i'm in the same boat.  i've been checking my status on the chicago website compulsively and just got the "decision pending" thing come up today.  i assume that it means they will make a decision within the next day or two, and then we'll find out either by email or phone right away, or a couple days later via snail mail.

Yeah I was kind of thinking that they've made their decision but just need to "process" it and get it in their database or whatever.  At any rate I'm intrigued because your numbers are considerably better than mine, and I think you'll get in.  But at the same time I was sort of thinking that they would update the "accepts" on one day and the rejects on another.  So the fact that they have updating us both at the same time has given me the slightest glimmer of hope.  I would seriously give either one of my man-potatoes (but not both) to go to U. Chicago.  Left or right.  I'd give either one. :)

i'm in the same boat.  i've been checking my status on the chicago website compulsively and just got the "decision pending" thing come up today.  i assume that it means they will make a decision within the next day or two, and then we'll find out either by email or phone right away, or a couple days later via snail mail.

the preferred nomenclature is "baby chickens"

Job Search / Re: SO Pissed...
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:09:58 AM »
Go take a poo! >:( YES. That is what I'm saying. A bunch of stuck-up, egotistical bastards who probably rake in MILLIONS can't afford to pay brilliant minds more than $30K?! @#!* THAT. It's bull. Please, boyfriend, COPS make 60K in a lot of jurisdictions where DA's and Judicial Clerks are making 30K. What kind of poo is that?! What in the hell sort of message are they sending?! Where is the incentive to make more out of yourself when all you get in return is someone taking a massive dump on you?! And again, I'm not looking for 100K, or even 90K...but hell something around 50K would be respectable.

I stopped reading your post after this because you sound like the type of ass hat who thinks he/she is better than other people simply because you have (or will have) a J.D. degree.  You think you're worth more than a police officer because you took 3-5 more years of school; you're ridiculous.  Your services are worth what the market pays.  Get over yourself.

i think it's flame.

i am beginning to suspect that this entire site is a bunch of flames.  and you flirting with pjh.

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