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This was a concern last year.

As it turned out, some students that did not provide any financial aid information, which was said to be required for $$, were nevertheless given scholarships.  That said, there were 0 people (that I recall) that got the "right" numbers, submitted the fin aid stuff, and did not get a scholarship.  Conversely, there were a few people that had the same numbers, did not submit the fin aid stuff, and did not get a scholarship.  In some cases, some of these people were able to appeal in some way.

Anyway, to get less ancy about all this stuff, I would give them a call.

Last year they offered everyone a scholarship at the same time in March.

The Falcons are probably going to end up playing the Cardinals, right?

They'll win that game.  Then they'll probably get stomped by the Giants.

Rumor has it kids from Emory Law are running around Circuit City's (how the hell do you pluralize that? Solution: "around from Circuit City to Circuit City") making K breach threats/claims.


So last year I bought a laptop and paid $400 extra for a 4-year extended warranty service plan from circuit city.  My computer was a POS and I had to ship it in to get serviced.  So they said they want to just fully replace it, but that the remaining 3 years on my warranty would no longer be honored.  They said that's part of their "No Lemon Guarantee."  The relevant clause, in its entirety, reads "15. No Lemon Guarantee."

So eventually I explained how there's no way they can do that and am getting a pro-rated refund on the warranty.

I'm driving home so no real plans.  Probably tomorrow.  Maybe Sunday.

And I don't have your phone # anymore (new phone).  I'm meeting up with a few people you know, so give me a call if you want to stop by.

Yeah I think it might be my best grade (which might speak badly about my other classes!), but it was without question the most miserable 32 hours of my life.  It took me at least 8 hours and three-times-through reading the cases before I was able to figure out what the hell was going on.  That reading was tough!

Is anyone else going to bar review tonight?

Also, on three occasions I thought for sure I figured out who you 2l/3l people were, and on each occasion I was totally wrong.  I tried to ask kind of inconspicuous questions, and I completely failed each time!  I apparently do not know you people.

So, legal methods...  Great exam, or the greatest exam?

So ... any advice on this legal methods exam?

Specifically how to approach the organization and stuff like that?

Oh, and how clear should we be when we make positivist/natural law/textualist(etc) arguments?

Do I want to come straight out and say, "A positivist would probably contend ..."?

I would not expect Emory to go along with that unless literally every other school does.

Also, it seems like top 1/3 = "has a job in biglaw or midlaw or something similar" according to Captain.

Anyway, I'll ask the career services folks about this, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Emory 1L Taking Questions
« on: December 14, 2008, 01:54:55 PM »
Your post makes me full much better.  I would be glad to take a midlaw job.

Back to Torts.

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