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Thanks for the immense feedback since my last visit. As stated in the OP I am a trader for an investment bank; thus the last 2 weeks have been a circus; hence the late responses. Naturally,  your description of the social terrain at HLS is important, but as Lindbergh stated career change is my primary objective.

That being said, I had not thought of the 'crowded' market for GULC students seeking gov't positions. It's definitely a consideration I must impute.

Being a divorced male having neither a  mortgage nor other debt, borrowing $100k plus for the best education attainable is not a problem; in fact it seems a requirement for overcoming the age discrimination.

Naturally, you mentioned my background for finance and or business litigation practices of BIGLAW firms would be attractive. Could you weigh that against the age factor? 

Thanks again!!

Oh yeah, a prior respondent mentioned my grades were so far in the past it should not matter. One of the reason for the low GPA was that 5 weeks of my first quarter at Stanford were spent laid up with re constructive knee surgery(track athlete) and once I transfered to the University of (football) Miami I worked full-time for two years as an engineering for IBM.


Does applying by January change you view of HYS prospects? Yes, the work experience has been substantial in its accomplishments. GULC is of interest because of it location and my considering working for the SEC or Justice Department.

got it. Thanks ACE.


Harvard's GPA range looks like a stretch.

Thanks ACE.

Question: what's "OP"? I am not up on the lingo.


I am a trader for an investment bank on the West coast and market volatility has me swamped through December.

Thanks for all the responses. The comments on age have crossed my mind, especially if I were looking for the BIGLAW associate positions; but my preference is an SEC, FTC, FDA, or federal Prosecutor legal track.

Thanks again.

Thanks Xynder.

I am leaning toward NYU and GULC as my top 2.

Thanks again. I'll keep that mind. My apps will be done by January. Would that be a problem with acceptance.


Thanks for the response. I am not up on the acronyms, but HLS is Harvard Law School, correct?  Would you recommend suitable fall back schools?


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