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Studying for the LSAT / Options?
« on: June 08, 2009, 05:00:53 PM »

during the test today, the proctors forgot to announce the 5 minute warning for the first section of the test, which happened to be the games section.  Instead they realized they erred and then announced a hasty one minute warning which lasted a good 40 seconds. Needless to say, it really screwed up some testtaker's plans for the last 5 minutes! :o

I realize that to err is human; I don't expect perfection from folks, and I know that ultimately it's my responsisbility to know when time is up or close to it.

I just would like to know if anyone else has had something similar happen and what the LSAC did about it?  I think they should grant us a retest at the very this expecting too much?


Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / LSAC forum
« on: September 08, 2008, 12:17:05 PM »
Any of you old folk gonna be at the LSAC forum in the ATL this weekend?  :)

If you are, look for the old fat man that looks lost, 8) that'll be me!

Hoping to talk with a few admissions people to answer some questions!


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