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I know many people think that admission consultants such as anne ivey, etc. are a scam or just a waste of money but I was wondering if I should hire one in my case--

I have a minor criminal record (petit larceny) and I feel it would calm my mind to get some help writing the addendum. I have also heard that they are quite helpful for editing PS and that would be really helpful to me as well.

My numbers are solid for the schools I am applying to but I think that with my record, I might get rejected from those and I'm hoping getting a little expert advice on how admissions from law schools would view my case would be very helpful. If I were a complete traditional grad, I would definitely not get one.. but I don't want to risk it in my case.

Any thoughts?

SORRY ABOUT THE REPEAT POST. i thought it didn't go through..

You do not need a consultant for admissions into law school.  With the landscape of the law school admissions process now changing with the DOJ/US Attorney General seeking answers in response to the Grutter decision of 2003, you have the option of challenging your denial of admissions into the legal profession by which law school admissions is required.  And when coupled with the new Admissions programs by which ABA school(s) GW School of Law is now accepting high school graduates into their BA/JD 6 year program, you can drop the need for the LSAT test and your adjusted GPA (as redefined by LSAC/LSAS) for admissions to any law school program.   

For the past three years, the DOJ/Civil Rights Division has the complete process for acknowledging candidates for access to the legal profession by which admissions into law school is required. In-short, you can now challenge your denial into the legal profession.
Your attorney should reference case litigation DJ 169-73-0 along with Professor Sanders research titled 'A Systematic Approach' for law school as part of your suit and Mary Sue Coleman's report on the 80 billion dollar education default that was presented on behalf of the taxpayers.

In-short, supply and demand based on the number of employment projections for each state and US territories.   As for your past, why are you providing them with this info ???    If they require background info, let them spend the money and time for proper research.     
You now have a course of action should you be denied access to law school.

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