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Planning to use the Kaplan Extreme program to study for the December LSAT. I'll be supplementing that with the Powerscore Bibles and taking the Preptests that Kaplan does not use for full length in class testing. Anyone used Kaplan recently? I've heard they have revamped the course. In particular, anyone used their Kaplan Extreme program? I've listed the highlights of the course here, if anyone cares to offer a critique.


Kaplan Extreme includes:

LSAT Extreme is 109 prep hours (85 instructional hours + 24 exam hours) spread across 28 sessions. It includes:

10 classrooms sessions
6 recent, full-length LSAT practice tests, proctored under realistic conditions
9 topic-based workshops
3 attack sessions focused on section management
In addition to the 109 hours, LSAT Extreme includes 4 hours of one-on-one tutoring.

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