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Even I think is a bad idea. Cooley doesn't need to be expanding I won't say anything negative about the school, because I know nothing about it, but it is no secret it has a reputation for accepting to many students and opening up a campus across country only enhances the position of Cooley's critics. It is awarding 918 JD's per year That is outrageous. Harvard is pumping out only 593 grads . Then my tier 4 school which I like is doing the right thing and only has 175 grads.

Pumping nearly 1,000 J.D.'s in Michigan were jobs are scarce is not a good idea and as adamantly as I defend tier 4 schools this is just not good for the profession or the students.

I don't know why that hasn't been done already. If it were then the outrageous costs of law school would be justified. They would have to do more than make you buy a book with your own money that you read then have a professor take two hours and thirty minutes out of their week. Hopefully it happens, but I can't see how the school would benefit from setting it up. The profession, students, and clients would be better served, but not the school. Unfortunately, higher education in every profession (except Medical School, because they have that model)  is concerned primarily with making money.

Yep pretty much my point. There is a lot less competition for attorney jobs than other positions. When I had my Bachelor's degree people weren't exactly flocking to me either and there are a lot more people with B.A's than J.D's so it is actually easier to get an attorney job than many other professions. However, it is not easy not anywhere and it never has been. Read any employment/college book over the last 50 years nothing will say you are guaranteed a job. Unless of course as you pointed out you go to Westpoint, Annapolis, or the Air Force Academy then you are guaranteed a commission. No school and no degree guarantee you anything. There are unemployed Harvard Law School grads out there. Harvard will not guaratnee a full refund to any student that doesn't pass the bar or find a job. Education is a risk period.

MBA"s aren't much better. Nobody what type of education your receive there is a real possibility you will not find a job. There is also a real possibility you will find a job education across the board is a huge risk and there is no guaranteed way to earn a lot of money (at a profit.) The scratcher idea would work great for making 160k. Other than that there is no profession that guarantees you anything. It really comes to being in the right place at the right time and being good at your job.

What Jshrimp said about lawyers applies to every profession. I just think many lawyers & doctors come straight from undergrad and think only the law or  medicine is competitive. However, I know pilots, cops, firefighters, nurses, paralegals, journalists, you name the profession it will be hard to succeed in it. As you said there are 300,000,000 Americans and we are all toward how special we are growing up, but low and behold very few people are exceptionally good at anything. Even if you are really good there will generally be somebody better. So it is highly competitive not just in law, but everything.

Transferring / Re: Villanova, Rutgers, Drexel, or Dickinson?
« on: August 25, 2011, 03:22:52 PM »

They sure are now and they were 61st in 2010 so perfect example of a school dropping 23 spots possibly 35 in one year depending on where in the 11 way tie for 84th place they are.

It is pretty awesome how U.S. News does not archive their rankings year to year. Is it possible they don't so nobody notices these outrageous yearly jumps? I think so. 

Transferring / Re: Villanova, Rutgers, Drexel, or Dickinson?
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:16:16 AM »
Having not been to Philly I imagine your right about that. I'm sure everywhere there is a school that is slightly higher and if there is no cost difference then go to the more prestigious school. However, if Temple or Penn State is offering you a full scholarship then getting out of law school debt free is probably the better idea, because people are not likely to be that impressed by Villanova. If Villanova is the higher ranked school and it is the same cost or cheaper than the other options then go there. Just don't spend extra money to go to a school that is 15-20 spots higher. 

Transferring / Re: Villanova, Rutgers, Drexel, or Dickinson?
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:00:52 PM »
In reality all those schools are equal unless Drexel hasn't received accreditation yet. Otherwise they are basically the same. The rankings are irrelevant outside if the TOP schools Harvard, Yake etc. The other schools low tier 1 to tier 4 schools can literally jump 20 spots any given year. If you go to the u.s news ranking you will see almost all schools are in 5-10 way toe my favorite is the 11 way tie for 84th.

The reason for these ties and fluctuations are because the rankings make no sense. The majority of the rankings 60 percent is based on judges around the country filling out scantrons from 1-5 with no critera. So a judge in sf that has never been to philly says Villanova is a 3 one year then a 2 the next. You can see this makes little sense and that is why the aba, lsac, the sale and any legitimate organization adamantly disapproves of them. U.S news is literally nothing more than a for profit magazine offering their subjective opinion with no authority.

So bottom line is go to the school that is cheapest unless one of those schools has some e ceptio al professor clinic etc. Do not transfer from the 73 to the 52nd schoolsnd pay more money, because it is very possible by the time you graduate that the school transferred from will be higher ranked than the school you transferred to. Even if it isn't nobody cares about 63 or 73rd place.

Genius!  ;) I should have added making a guaranteed $160,000 profit

Starting out very few if any lawyers make 160k even from t14 schools. Go to law school if you want to be a lawyer, but not to make money. The reality is no degree guarantees you a fortune. Not an MBA, J.D, M.D, whatever it may be odds are you will never become a millionaire. There are plenty of t3/4 grads that have jobs as lawyers and there are plenty that don't. Same is true of people with Bachelor's, MBA's, M.D.s etc and a graduate from any school in any profession will likely say finding a job sucks. However, if you graduate from an ABA school pass the bar and work for as a lawyer for 20+ years then you will likely make a decent chunk of change and more importantly if you wanted to be a lawyer you would have enjoyed your career. There is no guaranteed way to get rich quick, but using common sense you can figure most T14 law school grad are going to make more than Tier 3/4 school grad. This is not always the case, but it  is the majority of the time. I attend a tier 4 school and have really enjoyed it and made decent money so far. I also have a huge scholarship so I won't have much debt at graduation, which is awesome. A few of my friends that graduated from my school  obtained jobs ranging from 50-100k. There are others who are still looking for a job and others who have not passed the bar yet. Some are really happy with their jobs thus far and others are not. It is really hard to say what will happen, but one thing is for sure if your main concern is money and money alone DO NOT go to law school. It is overpriced and the odds are you will never be a millionaire. However, if you are a person that wants to go into law because you want to be a Public Defender, D.A, or have some issue you want to resolve going to law school can be a great investment of time and money. This is because you cannot be a lawyer without going to law school. (I know there are some very complex ways to get around this, but they are so onerous it is not practical.)

So go to law school if you want to be a lawyer. If you want to make a fortune then I don't want to tell you. If someone knows of a guaranteed and easy way to make 160k let me know I'm sure everyone on this board including myself would like to know.

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