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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Best schools for Indian Law?
« on: August 15, 2008, 11:41:21 AM »
University of Tulsa is good for that and it is easy to get into. It is the only school I applied to and I applied in June 2 months before school started and got 17,000 scholarship.  The school staff was great and when I visited the campus a lot was mentioned about Native American's and they even have a Native American Law Clinic so I would recommend them if Native America Law is what you want to specialize in.  I do not want to specialize in it and did not go, because Oklahoma is not for me. However, if Native American Law is for you then I would consider Tulsa.

I just saw this online and it goes into a lot of detail about who was admitted waitlisted etc at every school it is pretty cool so I thought I would share the site

I have a 3.08 G.P.A and 155 LSAT and after looking at the LSAC chart I have come up with a list of 10 schools to apply to and I was wondering if there were any students that could tell me how they like the following schools. You can only learn so much from the LSAC website and the admissions people are only going to tell you good things about their school, so I would really like to hear what students have to say about the following schools.

California Western
Santa Clara
University of San Francisco
Michigan State
Golden Gate

I was just interested to see how people like each of those schools and if there are grads from these schools how there job searches went after graduation.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Questions about Golden Gate
« on: August 12, 2008, 02:10:36 PM »
I really want to go to law school in the bay area and I have a shot at Santa Clara or USF and I should definetly get into Golden Gate, but I have heard a lot of bad things on the internet about it.  I was just curious if anyone knew more about Golden Gate or is a current student there that could tell me more. 

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