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$515/credit hour is insanity for a U of P degree. My local community college is $45/credit hour and will get you the same credits as U of P. Find a cheaper online program.

beleive me I know! but I have taken all that I can from community college. I need 3 and 400 level classes now.
I actually found an online deree program at Arizona State University. It's still $385/credit hour, but at least it's a well known school, and it's cheaper than UofP. I've applied and am waiting to see if I'm accepted in thier BA of liberal arts program. Yup you read that right I'm going to get a BA in Liberal I just want this thing over and done with, so I can focus on Law School

I will at least explore other options at this point. My main concern was the cost vs the benifets. $515 per credit hour is an awfully expensive for an online degree no matter how easy they make the process.
I checked ASU and they offer online degree programs as well, so I will talk with a student advisor tommorrow.
Has anyone had any experience with Kaplan College at all??

Thanks for the input BTW

I searched but didn't come up with an definite answer, but are online schools such as UofP looked down upon by law school admission boards? Also I have about 48 credit hours to complete to receive my BA. UofP has nice curriculum, but the cost is $515 per credit hour. Someone mentioned that it's the convenience that your paying for, but for the extra $150 per credit I don't mind walking into ASU to complete the registration, but then again all the classes needed aren't necessarily offered online.
Any input is greatly appreciated

Thank you guys for the encouraging words. I'm very excited to just have a plan! I've been a student of LIFE for the past 10 years and have ended up wherever the road has taken me. I haven't done bad for myself, but I'm in a job/field that doesn't excite me nor do I have any desire to further it, yet it does get the bills paid for right now. I actually have the opportunity to go to school full-time and not work so I plan on loading up with 15 credit hours each semester. Hopefully I can stay disciplined enough to maintain a high GPA, and knock this BA out as quickly as possible. Would small schools, accelerated courses such as Kaplan, or University of Phoenix, hurt you when applying to Law School?
Does being a minority have any affect on Law School admission or LSAT score consideration?
Can anyone tell me what the average cost of Law School is? I'm trying to avoid the loan route, if at all possible, and just bite the bullet and pay out of pocket.
brianwithani mentioned that it's "never to early" to prepare for the LSAT. Do you have any recommendations on where I should start?

-sorry for all the questions, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak with people who know what they're talking about and wish to take advantage of it! I've had lots wrong information prior to stumbling on this site ;D

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Is my story/path uniuqe?
« on: July 28, 2008, 08:23:24 AM »
First off, I'd like to say hello to all as a long time reader, first time poster. I have learned a great deal from these forums.

I'm 32 now, and was involved in the criminal justice system early in my youth doing stupid things. Although I have no felonies, I have a few misdemeanor convictions from traffic violations, disorderly conduct, and loitering. With the last one being about 7 years ago, and if or when I'm eligible to take the bar exam would be 9 years in the past. Should I be discouraged?
Furthermore I currently do not have a bachelors degree. I have a Associates in general studies with a good deal of psychology credits from a community college with a GPA of about 3.75. I went back to a University a couple years ago amassed a few more credits w/ the hopes of completing a BA in Business Computer Information Systems.
So I have a total of about 80 credits, and plan on returning to school to get my bachelors so that I may apply for Law School. I currently make a good living in the Computer/telecommunications field so having a technical degree isn't really as much of an advantage to me at this point as just obtaining a bachelors degree. It would be easier to major in Psychology, and probably less expensive as well. Would anyone recommend this, or should try to major in criminal justice, or some sort of law orientated course load? Also I'm not really that interested in getting into a top school, as I have a family and would like to stay put. I'm not really interested in working for a major firm, or anything high-profile. Ultimately I see myself as a public defender, or a general practice lawyer. Someone that can help young males like myself  (in the past) avoid the criminal justice system, or help them navigate their way out of it at an early age.

Any thoughts or recommendations about my path or goals would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone tell me exactly what kind of convictions excluding felonies would prevent someone from taking the BAR exam?
While I have no felonies myself, I do have a few misdemeanors from my youth such as disorderly conduct and possession of MJ. The last one being about 7 years ago. Who should I talk to before investing in this academic path?

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