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Alright, Alright. I get it. But put it this way - if you weren't ED anywhere, when you decided on the school you were going to attend, would you notify all the schools that already accepted you to say you wouldn't be attending? I just wasn't sure how much it mattered post decision...

If you are accepted to your ED School do you withdraw from the schools that have already accepted you as well as the ones with decisions pending, or just the ones with decisions pending?

Law School Admissions / Re: Accepted 08/09
« on: December 19, 2008, 04:31:10 PM »
Thanks! I just got my Christmas gift.... And congrats to everyone else with good news this week!

Law School Admissions / Re: Accepted 08/09
« on: December 18, 2008, 08:43:42 PM »
in at NORTHWESTERN today via email!! Early Decision!

Law School Admissions / October LSAT Fee waivers and when to apply
« on: October 11, 2008, 11:37:28 PM »
Hey, I was wondering about when the fee waivers could be expected to start coming for the October LSAT (score release date is Oct 27th)?

I was hoping to have my applications complete by Nov 1. But, considering what my score is, I was wondering if I might want to wait a bit for a waiver (depending on how long that wait period might be). Also, I'm thinking I should get somewhere between a 165-168, would I even get many fee waivers with that score? Do all schools give them out for certain ranges? Or is it just some schools that send them out depending on your score (and I'd assume whether they want to increase application numbers)?

I'm applying to a range of rankings (example in Chicago)- Uchicago, Northwestern, U of I, Kent, DePaul, Loyola (free on LSAC though)

Information appreciated. Thanks :)

I was considering applying to Northwestern Early Decision. Currently my LSAT is a 162 (retaking 10/4), everything else is great. Would applying ED hurt may chances for the regular admission cycle (possibly get denied or waitlisted earlier?). And clearly, this also has a lot to do with my second LSAT score, which I don't have yet...

Any thoughts on chances with ED are appreciated. Thanks!

So then, even though I have no papers from any of my first three listed recommenders that are from classes that can speak to my comparative ability - you think these would be alright?

I agree about not wanting to add in too many recommenders if this takes away from other parts of my application.

Dear LSD posters (and geniuses):

I have a few questions about my LOR choices. I am hoping to get into Northwestern or UChicago, although currently with a low LSAT (162- retaking on 10/4), but a good GPA (3.96), good post college work experience, graduated with honors, etc. I know, I know - this might be unrealistic, but bear with me (I'm applying to lower ranked schools as well). I have been out of undergrad for a little over a year.

First - if I send in 4 LOR, do they all get equal weight? I know many schools require 1 or 2, but will accept up to 4 and I wasn't sure the best approach.

Second (and very related) - is help with my decision of recommenders. Here are my top options:

1. My thesis advisor senior year (PhD Clinical Psych) who I met with weekly, advised me on my honors thesis, and viewed several related presentations (oral and poster) at different conferences. Speaks to my professionalism, writing, and verbal/presentation skills, but unfortunately I did not take a class with her.

2. A professor (PhD Social Psych) of mine who I did exceptionally well in his class (although we did not write any papers), and worked in his research lab for over 2 years (we have a good relationship).

3. My current mentor/boss at the University of Chicago (PhD Clinical Psych), where I do research in the Psychiatry Department. I know this is employment, but I have had to work on papers, and abstracts, so it should also speak to my writing ability, among other things. We have a great relationship and I manage many things at this job so I figure it would be good. (is this a correct assumption?)

4. I could also add (or have this instead of one of the above) one of my TAs from an upper level Sociology class that I wrote many papers for my senior year. While I received exceptional feedback (in person and on the papers), and received an A+ while many other students really struggled in this course, I did not take the time to meet with him out of class much, so I feel that part of the relationship is lacking - thus I am somewhat reluctant to include. But this would be a good offset to the above 3 LOR as it speaks to my writing ability, especially comparatively to others in the course.

Also, I live too far from my Undergrad to request the LOR in person, so I will be sending emails. Which might not fully allow for #4 to remember me...

Last question - which I hit on with my discussion of my LORs above. It seems professors are considered better than work recommenders. How does this relate to my recommenders and does the fact that I did not write any papers with #2 above make him less of a recommender?

Thanks for any advice!

Job Search / Job Prospects for Tier 2 Schools
« on: August 28, 2008, 04:08:56 PM »
I was wondering... I am applying to law schools, and planning to stay in the Chicago area. If so, the schools would be UChicago, Northwestern, Kent, DePaul and Loyola (I'm not considering John Marshall). I was wondering, obviously it would great to go to Uchicago or NU, but say I don't get into those schools, but went to Kent or Depaul/Loyola (all Tier 2, but did really well in my class) - would my prospects be alright for Chicago area law firm jobs? Would I have a much harder time getting a BigLaw job at these tier 2 schools?

Secondly, once I get my foot in the door, and say I get a job at a great firm, how much would my school matter after that? I hear people say that your LSAT gets you into school, but doesn't matter after that and your school gets you your first job but doesn't matter after that? Is this true? I would think your school might stay with you longer...

Or what about your overall impression of prospects T14 compared to Tier 1 compared to Tier 2? And how would your class rank affect these comparisons? Say, top 5% at Tier 2 compared to middle of your class at T14/Tier 1?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: 162 LSAT/3.96 GPA - Northwestern anyone?
« on: July 31, 2008, 09:27:59 PM »
Thanks everyone for the advice! There is a clear consensus confirming that I would need to retake. I don't see how this was quite necessary though:

You're gonna need a much higher score than 162 for Northwestern even with your super GPA and wonderfully attractive white woman soft stuff and special curves.

It was a compliment.  Ever heard of soft factors and innuendo and flirting? You a woman right and have experience doing special research post grad to put in ur app (special curves)?  Need I spell it all out?

yeah yeah yeah. No need to spell anything out. I got it all along. I believe my point still stands and I'll leave it at that.

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