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Law School Admissions / Pre-law and other careers
« on: July 27, 2008, 02:27:04 PM »
I attend a prestigious high school where most people already have their lifeís planned out. I, on the other hand still don't know what career or field I would like to go into. I excel and enjoy both English and History, so I am looking for a career in those fields. One of my teachers suggested law, as in pre-law.
     After doing some research I discovered that some advise not to go into pre-law if you wish to become a lawyer. Another one of my strong areas is design.  I am thinking that I could major in graphic/interior design and then go into law school later. Would that be a bad idea, or because itís different than most majors could that help me. I know that design isnít related to pre-law, but is this still an okay thing to do?   
I am also wondering what else you can do with a pre-law, or political science major; or is it better to have a English or History major? And are their any related jobs that I could go into with a English or History major?

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