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Law School Admissions / Different Transcript Question
« on: February 06, 2009, 06:05:54 AM »
Hey Everyone,

I have maybe a stupid question, but I'm not sure about it so I'll ask anyways, I had applied to 5 law schools in November and have so far been waitlisted and rejected, I am not sure what will happen with the others however to ensure I get in somewhere I just decided, even though its kinda late in the game, to apply to a few more places, but the one thing I realized after I submitted my information to these new schools was that my transcript hasn't been updated showing the end of my fall semester. My GPA dropped one point, partly due to senioritis, and I want to know if I should send these schools my updated transcript or not?

So I understand that I do not have a super high GPA, 3.30, I could have worked harder in college I suppose and I just took my LSAT and received a 149, I know thats not tremendous as well, but I am wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for a person in my position, other than taking the LSAT again, which I am planning on in the fall. Some schools I am currently considering are Widener in Harrisburg and Duquesne in Pittsburgh. I am interested in schools that offer dual programs with Government specializations, whether it be Public Administration or what not. Thanks for your opinions

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