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Hey, no problem.  Did you have a nice time?  What did you think?

I had a great time and loved it. I toured for UG as well, so I already knew I loved the campus and surrounding area. I am still just trying to decide if I want to take on the debt load that attending Tulane would bring, but am up to 99.5% sure that I'll be attending in the Fall.

bump for my lovely OLs I saw walking around TLS last weekend.

I was one of them. Thanks for putting up with us.

I haven't been paying attention. Have you decided to go to Tulane yet or what?

I'm still conflicted, but heavily leaning towards Tulane.

Make sure that they have a comprehensive plan.  Many schools are just in the midst of forming LRAPs, and that often can mean there won't be much money at the beginning.  (It seems that the higher the rankings, the better the LRAPs.)

So you're not considering any of the other schools that I see listed in your LSN profile?  Is that due to location, that you'd be in even more debt, or both?  You don't seem *too* concerned about location in many respects (in that you're somewhat open to moving to new places), so if the other places aren't costly you might want
to consider them. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm going to be in a lot of debt (estimated around 80-90 grand) despite looking at the same career path as you.  I'd do it all over again if I could, though.  However, my choice isn't the right choice for many people, which is why I think you should be wary. 

Tulane has had an LRAP in place for a number of years, but they are in the process of revamping it. While I'm not very informed on the subject, I believe they are expanding the program.

I am considering a couple other schools. Many I have ruled out because I could go to a higher ranked school for less money, and it doesn't make sense to me to pay more for less prestige (unless they have a program that I am interested in, which they do not). Anyway, there are only two other schools on that list - Pitt and Richmond. My partner objects to both. Richmond does have a good family law program, but would cost the same as DePaul (although ranked 20 spots higher). Pitt does not have any special program for family law/child advocacy, but offers in-state tuition after the 1st year leaving me with ~$80,000 in debt at graduation.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Scholarship Request letter
« on: April 05, 2009, 01:57:37 PM »
Go to the home page and use the search function to search for this. There is a whole thread discussing this and there is a sample letter there that many have used, a few with some degree of success.

Is your wife going to be working while you're in school? 

I ask because it would greatly reduce your cost.  Being in over $100,000 in debt when you seem to be committed to a public interest job that probably will pay very little is risky, even with LRAP programs and the Congressional Act. 

We are not married (if that makes any difference), but yes she does work. As far as the terms of Tulane's LRAP, I do not know. Someone asked the question at the ASD and they said it is currently changing. I have been unable to find exact numbers, so I will have to call FinAid on Monday.

The only option I have that doesn't leave me over $100k in debt after graduation is MSU, and we do not want to end up there if we can avoid it at all. What should I do?

Thanks for all of the input so far. I just got back from visiting Tulane and must admit that I feel like it is the right place for me. However, I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the cost. The location doesn't bother me. I do not feel that evacuating for a hurricane would be a huge problem since we would not be packing up all of our belongings, we would just be taking a trip (as far as my daughter is concerned). Also, I would urge swampfox to visit New Orleans again, and this time to leave the French Quarter.

Based on some rough numbers it would cost me ~$52,000/yr to attend Tulane, ~34,750/yr to attend DePaul, and ~15,250/yr at Michigan State. Tulane does have an LRAP program, so I could always fall back on that. Also, it may be helpful that I have 0 debt coming out of undergrad, so the figures are not as bad as if I were adding them to existing debt.

Here is the background: After much soul-searching, I have decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in child advocacy even though it means I will never make a lot of money. However, I still do not know which school to choose. So, for some reason unknown to myself, I have decided to create this thread to get some input from total strangers. I am a non-traditional student with a family, so their concerns need to be taken into consideration as well.

Here are the choices, and the reasons why they are being considered:

Tulane University ($7,500/yr, 3.0 GPA): I have always wanted to attend Tulane. Looked at it for UG, but ultimately got an offer I couldn't refuse. My partner also loves the idea of living in New Orleans. This is the highest ranking school to which I was accepted, but would also be the most expensive. There is no emphasis on child advocacy at Tulane, but its reputation would provide better possibilities if I later decide I want to make more money.

DePaul University [$20,000/yr, 3.3 GPA (~Top 30%)]: DePaul offered me a nice scholarship, but Chicago is an expensive city, and I am not sure it is the best place for a 2 year old girl. DePaul also offers a special section of Legal Writing which emphasizes family law and is home to the Schiller, Du Canto & Fleck Family Law Center which has offered me a guaranteed paid internship ($5,000) for my 1L summer doing child advocacy. My partner also has friends in Chicago which she considers a plus, although I still feel she prefers New Orleans over Chicago.

Michigan State University (Full-Tuition, 3.0 GPA): On the list because of the full-tuition scholarship (hard to ignore during a financial crisis) and they are also home to the Chance at Childhood Program which teams up Law students and MSW students to help children in Michigan. On the downside, it is a tier-3 school. Also, we visited last weekend, and while we liked the school, we hated Lansing.

I will be in New Orleans visiting Tulane, so I figured I might as well tour Loyola-New Orleans while I was there. They couldn't even arrange a tour for me.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: William and Mary Waitlist
« on: March 27, 2009, 05:41:43 AM »
Jumping on the waitlisted boat.

I remember you saying that you were waiting for their answer. Is W&M your first choice or are you gonna take another offer?

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