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Iíd like to thank everyone who replied. To be honest, I did not expect to be teased more-so than critiqued and advised. I guess I was simply hoping for more positive criticisms. Hereís my responses to everyone:

Hadorbanim- Some people seem to be born with certain talents, like having an amazing singing voice without any lessons. We all shoot to be better than average, which is why Iím concerned about this in the first place. The last few sentences of your post really helped. Thanks.

Tasha Elizabeth- Iím guessing you think Iím a nerdy young man or something. Iím a female and Iím not an alt of someone named ďWally.Ē In any case, I appreciate the humor you added to this thread. :)

jacy85- 1. I know that this is the high school board. I figured Iíd post here since my situation is closest to that of a high-schoolerís rather than a grad student's. If there is an undergrad section of the board, I must have overlooked it.

2. I really feel attacked by some of the things you're saying, but I understand and I can probably bring myself to agree with some of it. It's hard to accept being called immature, but I get at what you're saying. My mindset about law school is very inflated, so thanks for pointing that out to me.

I must have come off as a really rude, egotistical person in my post, which I think is why your reply is also a little impolite. My statement about the B+ in Japanese just reflects my attitude toward school work; it's silly to voluntarily sign up for an elective freshman course and to not do well in it. Anyway, I donít claim to have an immense amount of intelligence so Iím sorry if you interpreted me as such because thatís really not me.

$Bill- I never said anything about what lawyers really do on a day to day basis. I never mentioned anything about being in a courtroom, making lots of money, etc. The only assumption I made about being a lawyer is that some types of lawyers have a background in debate and current events, which I don't.  Your reply isn't relevant to most of what I asked about. Anyway, I am very satisfied with my ďuglyĒ liberal arts major. I don't need your advice on that.

Diet Sunkist- Yes, I am a girl. Uh, congrats on guessing correctly, I suppose.

SCK2008- I appreciate your response. Thanks for clarifying why I came to this board and posted. It's frustrating when a person posts something that's important to them and hopes for constructive criticism but ends up receiving half-criticism and half-berating and teasing. Sure, I'm young and immature in my ideals and thoughts but that certainly doesn't warrant immature and sarcastic responses. In any case, your post helped just as much as jacy's. Thank you.

Again, thanks for the replies. Take care, everyone.

I just completed my freshman year at Loyola University New Orleans, a private, liberal arts, not very well-known university. I have a 3.9 GPA which would've been a 4.0 but I dual-enrolled at Tulane University to take Japanese 101 and got my face kicked-in with a B+. I'm double majoring in English Writing and Pre-Law Philosophy because English is my strong suit and I'm terribly interested in Philosophy, particularly morality and ethics. I'm very active in extra curriculars. I'm in quite a few at the moment just to test the waters and see which ones I want to stick with for the next few years.

My concern is this: I wasn't born with that natural talent in debate or an extreme interest in watching the news when I was a kid. I didn't know what "politics" meant until 9th grade. I performed above average in a Florida high school with a 3.6 GPA. I'm labeled as "Gifted" but nowhere near "Genius." I'm no prodigy and that's what scares me.

I've only recently realized my deep interest in law; I certainly had no intention of pursuing law the month before I moved into my college dorm. I keep thinking that no matter how hard I work these next seven or so years of undergrad and grad, I will still be closer to average than excellent in my knowledge and practice of law. I feel like I have to work twice as hard as the "natural-born lawyers" in order to become a decent lawyer, myself. Is this true? Do you have any advice about this? I plan to apply to some of the top 20 law schools (which means a 165 LSAT, near-perfect GPA, etc., etc.) but are the natural-borns the only ones who make it into those top schools?

I just joined the forum and I admit that I haven't perused more than a dozen topics. Therefore, if there's already a thread that answers all of my concerns, please direct me to it. Thanks!

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