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Outside of the "national" schools, it's important to pick a school AFTER researching your desired market. Find some firms where you would like to work in the DC area and read their attorney profiles to see which schools are well-represented. If you'd like to work in a gov't agency, find some lawyers who work there and speak to them. Rank doesn't really matter in these cases as much as "will this school position me to find a job in my market?"

Thank You, I have been talking to the students and graduates of these schools on facebook, and they all seem pro the school they went to. I havent talked to anyone who told me do not go to my school lol. The problem I am facing is that, I plan on practicing in these regions and they all seem to have equally well recognized in the region. The only upside UMD has over the other schools so far is just higher ranking, which is no small difference since the lawyer market is very competitive in D.C.

None of these schools are "better" than U of M.  Listen, kid: your rank at these schools is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR more important than the school's rank.

I was speaking in terms of ranking, ofcourse thats doesnt mean that is necessarly the truth in reality when I say none of these schools are not "better" than UMD. Are you saying, I should be more concerned with where I rank amongst the students therefore I should go to a school where I rank among the top? I am trying to figure out what you meant exactly. If that's what you meant I am thinking about that too because you got a poin there.

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: The LSAT has been my downfall
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Hey, how you doing? You definatly have a great story and I am glad you made it through college and earned your good grades. I highly concur with the advice of you not to stigmitizing your self as a bad test taker and find out your weakness on the Lsat (which section are you having a problem with). With that being said, dont lose sight of the progress you have made so far and from the info you gave you have a great story. It seems to me your Personal Statment is extremly improtant in your case, so taylor that portion of your app to tell your story with out being negative (it is curcial you adhere to this advice.

Also you definatly should write an addendum. you had 1010 for SAT and got into a top school graduating with 3.7, it definatly lets them know a standarized test score doesnt necessarly reflect your abilities. My numbers suffered due to some unexpected life problems I ran into. I wrote an addendum and used the personal statment to my advantage (I got accepted to Univ of MD) which by the way you should look into. Apply to as many top schools as you can, and do not listen to people who tell you you dont have a chance here and there. I did not apply to UMD till someone who knew my personal story convinced me to do, so listen to the right people. I did not get to a top 10 school but i got to the school I did extremly well with the application process given my numbers and where i got accepted in (I am tellin saying this so you know I am speaking from first hand exprience)..good luck and feel free to send me messages if you have any questions. Again Congrats on your sucess at cornell.

Work on your lsat and get it some points

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Hey, guys! I hope everyone had a good christmas. I gathered great infromation from these threads in the past, but I am back because I have a new problem (I guess its a good problem). Just to give back ground information, I live around D.C. and want to go to a school in the north eastern region (Ofcourse unless I receive an offer I cant refuse lol). Anyways, I just found out I got accepted to University of Maryland school of law, which I am extremly excited about. However, I was not offered any scholorship (not that I was expecting to). I have applied to other schools like Temple, Howard, American Univ, and Loyola-chicago, Mason, and George Washington. I doubt I will be accepted to any "better" school's than Univ of MD. since Mason has denied me and George Washington seems highly unlikeable.

My question is, if I get some money from these other schools which are well respected around D.C Metropolitan area, should I take those offers. I am pretty sure some of them will offer me money. Or should I just suck it up stack up the loans and attending a great school like UMD. I am torn about it already, although my guts (soon to be my lawyer intution lol) tells to me to go with UMD. I appreciate your help in this matter thank you guys.

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