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epos and harcourt will be good....neither of them is a fan of socratic method. ask harcourt to tell you about the time he made out with his girlfriend in front of a unitarian church and got mugged. ah, crim law stories.

strahilevitz is my favorite 4eva.

Where are people going for Spring Break?

I'm spending the weekend after this one in New York.  I also think I'm going to try to go up to WI to get some fresh air.

i'm going home to california. it's free (i can guilt-trip my parents into paying for the plane ticket) and i can wear flip-flops all the time. i should also, um, trying to develop a thesis for my last substantial.

good lord, has anyone here taken crim pro since 2004 (the latest outline i have to work with)?

i think you certainly have a compelling story, but this reads more as a narrative of your life post-high school. you seem to have several themes here (independence/perseverence) that don't necessarily point to a law career or why you would be a successful law student (especially since you talk about how you didn't do well in the debate course and were later overwhelmed by your family concerns; and yes, these are perfectly valid reasons, but not things that will probably endear you to an adcom). i would narrow the focus and insert a diversity statement about anything else you feel the need to cover.

i think the best place to start is focusing on one unique experience and eventually tie that in to why you want to practice law (but not in a totally obvious way). take one of the experiences in this narrative, expand and develop it, and turn it around to show how you succeeded despite the odds and why it left you prepared and excited for law school.

just my two cents. good luck!

I also don't understand the "LS grades are random" thing.

I didn't think law school grades were random after my first two grades either. But, since then, I've walked out of test convinced I failed and done pretty well, and conversely, walked out of exams thinking I did pretty well, and actually doing fairly poorly.

I stand behind my the Levmore's exams are IQ tests comment. He gives you tools, and is curious to see how well you can apply them. It's more a thinking-on-your-feet exercise than a "who has read the most case law" exercise. Vis-a-vis, I think it tests intelligence more than knowledge to a greater extent that a lot of other classes.

ditto this. i think some classes really test knowledge and retention (probably gersen's half), but i've had several classes where my grades have had no correlation with how much/little i study.

anybody know if the westboro baptist nutters actually came today? i totally want to come out to see them...they always have such creative signs about hating sweden.

Yeah, they came.  Totally not up to the hype as far as offensiveness and instigation.  Lawannounce was all "stay away, they'll get you to commit a tort and sue!" 

Sure, they said "god hates fags," but only when asked.  And their signs already said that.  They didn't yell at you or anything.  They just stood their with their signs, and if nobody was directly addressing them they would sing.  One of their songs had something about gay people going to hell, but they were just one of various other groups of sinners that were also listed, and it wasn't directed at anybody.  One of the guys, who is a practicing attorney, got defensive when a law student challenged him on a First Amendment issue.  But he was just like "Come talk to me when you've passed your bar exam."  That guy said some fire and brimstone kind of things, but nothing that seemed calculated to instigate anyone.

These weren't the professional instigators they were made out to be.  Another person calmly took two interviews.  She got a bit agitated at certain points, but she never yelled or tried to provoke the guy.  I spent like 15 minutes calmly discussing Scripture with one of them. 

Idk.  Lawannounce made it sound like these guys were gonna do whatever it took to piss me off.  Not true.  They even ignored a little bit of (legitimately irritating and off-topic) heckling when they could have escalated the situation even by having a normally irritated response.


yeah i ended up passing them on university and saw them again on the midway. i did enjoy the frat guys dancing to "macho man" and "it's raining men". i really felt bad for the kids holding signs.

Don't go to law school.  It's really stressful.  People form study groups and exclude you for some reason, and, during exams, there's a lot of work and you sometimes miss obvious issues on practice exams. 

i hope this is sarcasm....otherwise i fear for your mental stability next quarter.

OP, i would say illinois. with in-state tuition, you wouldn't be paying much more than kent and the prospects seem significantly better for jobs in chicago.

anybody know if the westboro baptist nutters actually came today? i totally want to come out to see them...they always have such creative signs about hating sweden.

i went to firmwise and actually found it helpful (aside from a bunch of firm freebies)....mostly because i got to pick people's brains about corporate vs. litigation. after firmwise and a few other chats, i switched from wanting to do litigation to corporate (though in this current market, litigation is almost certainly better). i think it did help me when i interviewed with said silicon valley firm at oci because the guy i met with was one of the oci interviewers. unfortunately, i met with the other guy, but i do think remembering tidbits of the conversation helped a little. i did get an offer there, though i went somewhere else.

*Crickets chirping*

There's a lot of 1Ls around carrying hornbooks, and other non-required-textbook materials. You guys are so studious. It's almost inspiring.

On that note, I am penciling in a Friday start to my studying. It gets harder each passing quarter to try to study for quarters.

titcr. oops at my lack of studying.

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