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ok, two things (i haven't read this thread for a while):

anyone who thinks bernstein is a great professor is either lying/delusional/i don't know, maybe she's had major therapy and teaching counseling and i'm totally out of date. our 1L year was HORRIBLE. everyone gave her a horrible review for those teaching evaluations....some people literally had like a page of complaints and spent an hour complaining about her on the evaluation. we had her for 2 quarters; she talked about her personal life constantly and taught us literally nothing about contracts. all i remember is a peppercorn for consideration and a three martini lunch as a hypothetical every class.

also, harcourt is strange, but i feel compelled to defend him. i've always done really well in his classes (aka much better than my crappy grades everywhere else) with minimal effort. i've always felt like he is great at never making students feel dumb....he always seems to accept everyone else's ideas, which means that maybe my totally out-there exams are met with better approval than in other classes. that being said, i totally understand why some people might not like that. i love him because he gives an opportunity for people like me to actually do well in his classes (plus i've never seen him actually count participation in two classes i've had).

the 1L job search was way harder for me than OCI. especially ITE, firms are probably dinging 1Ls left and right.

BUT I'M GRADUATING! if i ever finish my substantial.

I am pretty determined to do international law. I am looking to do some kind of international private sector work, dealing with commercial disputes or corporate law (contracts, merger... that kind of stuff),between China and the States. So here are my choices, Pepperdine with a focus in dispute resolution, loyola with a focus in trial advocacy, or UNLV with a more general international law focus. Does anyone know how international commercial disputes are solved? where do they usually try a case if an american company dues a chinese firm for breach of contract? I am a newbie on this subject, so any input is greatly appreciated!

I think that complex transactions generally have clauses specifying where suits can be brought.  I think lots of them have arbitration clauses as well.

titcr. maybe unlv with what you want to do? regardless, be aware that the international law field is not as large as people think. you'd probably be primarily working for a large law firm or as in-house counsel for a multinational corporation. both are pretty competitive gigs, so you'll probably have to place pretty well in the class. 

Law School Admissions / Re: Where should I be looking?
« on: April 29, 2009, 01:01:54 PM »
your minor almost certainly won't help you...i did a concentration in legal studies for my major and doubt it made a difference (in fact, even knowing the cases didn't give me an advantage in class since the analysis is so different).

a 3.39 will be balanced out well by a 170+ lsat, but don't submit your applications until you get that score. if you get a 173, you're almost certainly assured a place somewhere in the 7-14 range of t14 law schools (duke, uva, michigan, penn, berkeley, GT, cornell, etc.) and you have a decent chance at columbia, chicago, or nyu. but as everyone says, you could end up extremely disappointed by your study a lot and plan your application strategy after scores are released. 

i totally don't get grading systems and curves at law schools (funny considering our school involves 177 as median and a bunch of other stuff i don't understand). i would ask depaul and kent to put you in touch with current students who will hopefully give you a better idea of how difficult it is to retain scholarships; most students are definitely trying to recruit but won't outright lie to you. maybe i'm a total pessimist, but i would take the scholarship with the least strings attached....which looks like depaul. but again, talk to people at both schools and see how hard it is to maintain the required GPAs. go to admitted students weekend at both if you can and talk to people; most will be honest about their grades in my experience.

i'm originally from alaska (though i'm going back to california now) and i would think that lewis and clark or especially UW would be best. i think that UW or university of idaho (?) also has an alaska law program. i would stick with regional schools since the job market in alaska is so small.

Hey, can someone clarify the clinic-application process? I'm not talking about summer jobs, but rather spots for 2L and 3L year. I was told that we enter a lottery this quarter based on our ranked interest for all clinics, including ones that are only available to 3Ls?

not 100% sure, but my #1 clinic (that i didn't get into as a 2L) emailed me again this summer along with several other people on the waitlist to see if we had a foreign i think if you register as a 1L, you can get into the 3L clinic spots the next year (or at least your name is still on the list)? i'm also pretty sure you can do the lottery again your 2L year.

dearest bosco,

when you say you had views on the first amendment, please tell me you are taking freedom of speech. if so, you are my new favorite 2L with all accorded rights and privileges (i.e. i will worship you forever).

I imagined that they would be somewhat sympathetic to these tactics IN THIS ECONOMY, but I guess not.

Does anyone know of any random PI work I can do?  I'm open to anything, literally almost anything, at this point.

Grades still matter more for 2L OCI, right?  I focused on those to the exclusion of all of this job search stuff, especially because our summer is 6 weeks.

grades matter, but you really need SOMETHING legal-ish to do this summer, even if you only work on one project and spend like 20 hours on it all summer.

ask career services about local judges who have connections with the school. some judges (mark filip was my hero for this) will take on more externs than necessary just so 1Ls could have something to do.

i would normally agree with IP but i think the school is probably pressuring profs to take on more RAs....i know in my year, the school seemed to sort of invent this art cataloging project when it was clear there were still several 1Ls without jobs.

wally, make sure you start bugging career services a lot too. they don't really have outside jobs, but i think they put a lot of pressure on the administration to create new openings if students bug them enough.

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