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UChicago is definitely possible....and trust me, we're not all hardcore study people (though some people in any law school). this past year, i went to class, um, rarely. i went to a much lower-regarded undergrad than UIUC though it wasn't "substandard" (yay UC system!).

as a 3L, we had to type GRADUATING on all our exam headers. so if you're in classes with 3Ls....we may have screwed up your curve. sorry (except not because I GRADUATED). the bar sucks all hell.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UCLA or NYU
« on: June 09, 2009, 07:21:48 AM »
I believe Goalie had just about the numbers you're contemplating.

I had similar numbers and they still told me to go piss up a rope. Boalt's funny like that.

Also, yes, definitely too early to be playing the one school vs. one school game. That's for next March.

yeah, i had a 3.96 and boalt waitlisted me without ever admitting me. so it's pretty unpredictable.

OP, i would do NYU. the rankings difference is pretty substantial and you'll get plenty of opportunities to get a CA job through OCI. but again, take the lsat and see what happens.

all 3L grades were supposed to be in by friday (mine were, since they were all up on cmore today). looks like i'm actually graduating in spite of federal regulation of securities!

in other news, bar review sucks.

there are also a bunch of 3Ls doing bar review at the law school, so one of us could probably meet up with you for lunch or an hour in the afternoon (our class schedule is really strange).

it seems to be a big misconception that all chicago students are insanely competitive and have no sense of fun. i have never had a problem getting an outline or class notes from people i barely know, and bar reviews on thursday night always draw crowds, even close to finals....there's probably some intensity fall quarter for 1Ls, but as you can see by the recent posts, 2Ls and 3Ls seem pretty laid back because everyone pretty much knows that they'll get a job. even in this crappy economy, i don't really know 2Ls who didn't get offers, especially if they cast a wide net and interviewed with a lot of places. i have no clue about cornell's placement, but chicago is probably stronger, so if you're looking at working in a law firm, that's a point for chicago.

since the only people at the law school when you visit will be bar review people, ask admissions to hook you up with some law students by email contact (i should warn you, many barbri people might be insane. the review process is ridiculously time-consuming and stressful. it hasn't sunk in for me yet, so i'm still pretty relaxed.)

SplorkyFish is right.  I think you straw-manned us slightly.  This is NOT what class is like:

Student: "Excuse me, Professor, but could you just teach us what 4.01 says?  I don't care about its application to thorny sociological problems."

Student II: "Yeah, me, too.  All I care about is the exam.  Please teach us how 4.01 might appear in an issue spotter."

Student III: "I don't care about any of this, because I'm going to work at Latham as a transactional attorney.  Surely, you can't go wrong with that job."

While class is clearly not like this, I do hear grumbling like this outside of class. So it's not an entire straw man. There are (ahem, ahem) some people for whom "all I care about is the exam," and those people seem to not like Harcourt's approach.

The powerpoints are atrocious.

you seriously pegged me exactly. i've always loved his gorgeous hair, but for some reason, i do well on his exams and that probably influences my opinion. besides his awesome attractive-ness (whatever, i'm graduating, so i will extol his beauty). he was elected as a faculty hooder this year so he has a pretty extensive cheering section among the 3Ls.

You're watching the Golden Girls, aren't you?

greatest show on tv.

in other news, i sincerely hope that other 3Ls are as motivated to study as i am. i have sunk to new lows this quarter.

good lord, do USD if you want san diego and your parents will buy you a house! usd, from what i've heard, has a pretty strong reputation in san diego. pepperdine is competing with plenty of LA schools plus people trying to crack the CA market (so is san diego, but more people tend to focus on LA since the market's bigger).

i would for sure take USD in this situation. will your parents help you with tuition? your living costs will definitely be lower if they get you a house...

IIRC, Baird did say "Pareto best."

Oral arguments >>> Everything else in LRW

did you actually do it? i think it was much more fun (and easier than everything else) and i'm not even going into litigation. plus i only had one judge who was being obnoxious on purpose.

i would be really impressed if she took the (admittedly mean) feedback from our year and actually changed her class accordingly. but who knows.

p.s. please no one see x-men origins: wolverine. i spent some $30 on a movie ticket and parking tonight and i really wish i could have it back. people were seriously laughing out loud. someone literally says "i'm cold" as they're dying.

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