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Hi all!  This is "Matokah" from the prelaw board.

Since Craigslist doesn't seem to like me very much, I thought I'd post a mini-ad here for a condo I'm currently living in.

I'm looking for a roommate for a 2 bed - 2 bath condo in Arden (about 10-15 minutes from the school).

Rent is $650/month and include basic extended cable (~60-70ish channels), trash, and water.  Electricity and wireless internet are already hooked up and would be split between my roommate and myself.

It's 1300 square feet in a gated condo community (I actually found the owner on since he himself is a former law student.  Go figure  ;D), and it's nice and quiet.  I have pictures and a lot more info, but I'll just post the link to the craigslist ad so I don't have to repeat myself here.

I know I said I'd prefer a female on my ad, but that's just because craigslist freaks me out a little.  If you're an incoming McGeorge student and happen to be a guy, I don't really mind that much since we'd have separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here's the link.  Feel free to PM, email, or call if interested. :)

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