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I wonder how anyone's going to be able to run for office one of these days not that just about everything can be and is recorded.

I'm just glad that noone has raver footage of me. 

I've seen a lot of applications ask "non-white hispanic" so as half spanish half Italian wouldnt that be a mix of two "white" races even though hispanic?

Spanish is not the same as Hispanic. 

Being Spanish is a sufficient condition for being Hispanic, although it is not a necessary condition.

I sometimes wonder how much Sasha Baron Cohen is a comedy genius, or how much is it that he's willing to go farther than anyone else in the world.  I mean, is his comedy "smart" or just completely outlandish?  .... Or I guess there's room for both answers.

He's totally smart.  Jackass is just outlandish.  Cohen is a genius.

I'm going to Spain first, by the way.

There's nowhere like Medellín, baby!

Wordy word.

Hah.. I like that we're counting the hours.

I am extremely anxious to get out of here.  I have 18 hours of work left. 

I like the First 48, on AE, a lot.  But something bothers me.  They always mention that after a murder, the odds of solving the case decrease substantially if the police are unable to get a solid lead within the First 48.  Therefore, it's crucially important to find this lead immediately.

While, of course finding a lead quickly seems to be important - it's also a bit overstated.  It seems fairly logical that sloppy killers, crimes of passion, and other easily solved cases are full of leads and suspects.  Sooo...  it just seems like easier cases would have easier to spot leads and more difficult cases, the opposite. 

Basically, it's reverse causation.  The odds of solving the murder are easier if a lead is determined in the First 48 - not because the police worked so dilligently or that there's something so special with the First 48 - it's just that these will tend to be much easier cases to solve when leads present themselves quickly.

I don't think odds are related to causation.  The odds are X in scenario A (leads found in first 48) and Y in scenario B (leads NOT found in first 48).  It doesn't say anything about why the odds are the way they are, but those are the odds.

Current Law Students / Re: Good Starting Salary
« on: June 23, 2009, 08:57:18 AM »
There are plenty of firms that would pay in the range you're looking at, particularly in smaller markets.  I'm thinking Buffalo/Richmond/Portland sized places.  That salary would be pretty good in cities of that size anyway.  I know there is a firm in Rochester that pays I think 80K to first-year associates.  They can make a good 15-20K bonus on that, and the hours aren't terrible either (I think 1750 billable). 

In short, medium sized firms are what you'd want to be targeting if you want a salary in that range, but a mid-size market is probably the real key. 

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