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I am trying to write my PS, and I'm trying to write in the past continuous tense (I was..we were...).  Is this acceptable?

« on: October 01, 2008, 05:32:19 AM »
How hard will it be to get loans for 2009?  I will (presumably) begin in fall of 2009, and I'm starting to get worried about my ability to borrow.  I've got a FICO score of 720.  Do you think it will be difficult getting some big loans?

General Off-Topic Board / Anyone else a NPR junkie?
« on: September 29, 2008, 04:35:29 AM »
I'm pretty addicted to NPR.  I listen to archived shows all throughout work.  Is anyone else a junkie?  If so, what are your favorite shows?

Law School Admissions / GPA:LSAT Ratio - how schools probably weigh stats
« on: September 23, 2008, 10:46:12 AM »
The all-so-important USNWR rankings uses a ratio of 1:1.5 for GPA:LSAT score.  The median GPA for an incoming class accounts for 10% of the ranking, and the median LSAT score for an incoming class accounts for 15% of the ranking.

Do you think this translates into a similar weighting given at the discretion of adcoms?  In other words, do you think that one's LSAT score is worth 1.5x what one's GPA is worth in his/her application?

If so, I think I've figured a plausible weighting of one's non-URM application.

~34% - GPA
~ 51% - LSAT score
~5% - soft factors
~5% - personal statement
~5% - LORs

What do you guys think?  I probably should be studying for the LSAT instead of coming up with half-baked theories of admission criteria....

I'm curious to find out which T14 schools have the best atmosphere among students.  Anyone have any information?

My school's LSAT mean is at the LSAT's mean - 150.  I know that is supposed to indicate that my school is relatively uncompetitive, but only 156 people at my school took the LSAT.  In other words, the mean is derived from only 156 samples.  Does that matter to schools? 

What is the mean and number of samples for other schools?

By the way, my school is Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.

Here is a question that I got wrong on PT #42.  The correct answer puzzles me, so I am hoping someone can set me straight.

"For the school paper, five students--Jiang, Kramer, Lopez, Megregian, and O'Neill--each review one or more of exactly three plays: Sunset, Tamerlane, and Undulation, but do not review any other plays.  The following conditions must apply:
    Kramer and Lopez each review fewer of the plays the Megregian.
    Neither Lopez nor Megregian reviews any play Jiang reviews.
    Kramer and O'Neill both review Tamerlane.
    Exactly two of the students review exactly the same play or plays as each other.

Which one of the following could be an accurate and complete list of the students who review only Sunset?

A) Lopez
B) O'Neill
C) Jiang, Lopez
D) Kramer, O'Neill
E) Lopez, Megregian"

The correct answer is (A), but I don't understand why it is not (C).

Sunset: Jiang
Tamerlane: Megregian, O'Neill, Kramer
Undulation: Megregian, O'Neill, Lopez


Sunset: Megregian, O'Neill, Lopez
Tamerlane: Megregian, O'Neill, Kramer
Undulation: Jiang

In the first scenario, Jiang is the student who reviews ONLY Sunset.  In the second scenario, Lopez is the student who reviews ONLY Sunset.

Why is this not correct? 

I'm pretty sure I remember a link to a website that lists LR questions by type on old preptests.  You would type in preptest 43 for instance, then select 'Must Be True', then it would list which questions in which section were Must be True questions. 

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Does anyone have a link to this site, or a similar one??

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