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Ok, a week has gone by and apparently the Dad designated the weekend as kids practice music in the garage days. 

The guitar kid (still jamming away on the classics) is in HS but he has a younger brother in grade school that is supposed to be learning how to play keyboard.

Today the dad told the younger grade school kid to spend time in the garage practicing songs he likes on his synthesizer keyboard thingy. 

Take a wild guess about which song he decided to try and master today!!  I'll just say, Saturday, saturday, don't try to play that again next saturday!  If you do you won't be kickin for long next Saturday... 


Howdy y'all. 

Today has been fun.  The neighbor kid is apparently learning to play guitar and being encouraged by his dad.  Dad bought him a powerful amp.  He's in the Hendrix and Zeppelin phase.  I've been hearing Stairway to Heaven, Purple Haze and Watchtower over and over all day long.   :P


Kind of looked like you did with the Al Gore comment.

No, just observing that mother nature can trump everything we've done to the climate (good or bad) with just one natural disaster.

Like when some force in the universe gave earth what it needed to shake dinosaurs off the planet like fleas and then go lifeless for a while to give time for a hopefully more advanced set of organisms to evolve and become the dominant life form.  From that the earth got humans after shaking off the dinos. 

However you look at it, planet earth will be fine for super long.  In millions and millions of years it will most likely still be a big rock loaded with water, elements, and all sorts of building blocks stuff floating around in space continuing to do its astronomical rotating around thing.  Whether people will still be around as a life form here is a different question. 

For all we know mother earth could get sick of us and somehow shake us off like a bad set of fleas just like it did with the dinosaurs when she wanted something better.


Happy B-day!  Hope you have some good fun and relaxation time.

ION:  I'm really concerned about the Japan earthquakes.  The thing that scares me the most are the new reports claiming that the quakes changed the axis of the earths rotation by up to 4 inches.

A slight change in the axis the planet rotates around will change the course of our orbit in space and at a minimum change the climate patterns everywhere. 

Lets just hope that the quake gave planet earth a 'Kick' into a slightly better orbit path!

anyone doing anything fun for spring break?  I'll prob just be relaxing and working myself
Actual IM transcript:
  • Me: Have you built your web site yet?
  • .Chuck: uhh, no, got distracted thinking about sex and rubbers

Guess that answers that question.


If only!  It would be great if the forces of the universe would be kind enough to turn my imagination into reality!

anyone doing anything fun for spring break?  I'll prob just be relaxing and working myself

Filing lots of papers and suing people.  Found out today (got a letter from the IRS saying that I owe them a bunch of back taxes, almost $5K for 2009) that somebody has been using my identity info since at least 2009.  They used both my correct SSN and DOB (so not likely a typo/data entry mistake) that was submitted to the IRS in a w-2 for 2009 wages that the person didn't pay income tax on.  Don't know how much damage the perp has done with it thus far beyond not paying income taxes on reported wages he was paid under my identity.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Exile LSD: GD MrZilla Foxtrot Locked Me Out
« on: February 09, 2011, 12:49:07 PM »

At least a few people actually noticed that LSD was dead for a few days!  Checking for vital signs means that you care, right? (somebody said that in a CSI episode I watched the other night)

As long as the server is still alive, might as well keep this near world record breaking thread Alive and Kicking!

Andrew:  Thank You for noticing it was down, getting on it and fixing it pretty quick this time.

Soooo,  what's up Exilers? 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Need help ASAP please
« on: January 21, 2011, 10:29:39 AM »
To stay motivated while you hone your basic math and English skills, read Supreme Court opinions on the side. 

I say that because Supreme Court opinions are easy to understand:  the Justices spell out everything in a logical format.

Uhmm, which Supreme Court are you referring to ???

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Student v. School
« on: January 15, 2011, 03:47:43 PM »

So bottom line is I have no problem with the rankings going up to 25 maybe 50, but after that just get rid of it.

Unfortunately US News doesn't agree with your position and is contemplating stirring the already scalding pot even more by expanding the numerical rankings deeper into the low tiers.

Statement made two days ago by the US News guy in charge of the rankings:

In another very important law school rankings issue, at my AALS  convention session, "U.S.  News Rankings: An Inside Look into the U.S. News Law  School Rankings," I said that U.S. News   is considering  expanding the number of law schools we numerically rank   for the new Best  Law Schools rankings coming out in mid-March 2011. We   are contemplating  numerically ranking the top 75 percent of all the   law schools, or  around the top 150 law schools. Currently, we   numerically rank around  the top 50 percent of law schools, or top 100.   This would mean the  current schools that are in Tier 3 would be   numerically ranked, instead  of being  listed alphabetically as they are   now.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Exile LSD: GD MrZilla Foxtrot Locked Me Out
« on: January 06, 2011, 06:23:53 AM »
Is it dead yet?


We're still here, so there is still life if that means anything.  However, I'd prefer that Exile life support consist of more than me and you checking vital signs and doing the 'poke it' test every few days.

This is the #2 biggest law school supermega thread that has ever existed in the history of the internet! only behind SFLSD. 

This thread alone has more posts and views than most of the boards on the TLS forum even with the rampant d-dubbing.  The actual count of posts made in the thread if we could get the number of deleted posts and add it in would probably be double or more.  This is world record books stuff people! 

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