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Law School Admissions / admission consultants or anna ivey
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:36:41 PM »
anyone use any type of law school application consulting service?  recommendations, thoughts?  thanks.

i was having a hard time too but i just jotted down ideas that i wanted to write about and then started typing.  when i was done - about two days later - i edited out the awful stuff and thought about the common thread in what was left.  then worked on it.

i think it depends on how far out of school you are.  i know frybread mentioned that even after 20 years he was getting UG recs but i talked to people in the yale and columbia admissions office who both said employers were fine given my situation (15 years out of college)

not an expert but i don't think so unless your employer is going to write a fantastic rec that will really add something to your application file.  most schools specifically state they prefer recs from professors.

I don't think being out of UG for one year is enough to justify not having LOR's from professor.

any interest in reading a very early draft?  it will be done in the next few days.

i will read it. just send me a PM.  also include any relevant background info that may not be included.

Law School Admissions / Re: Ask AdmissionsConsultants
« on: July 07, 2008, 05:15:27 PM »
I am a nontraditional candidate.  I've been out of undergraduate for 15 years, out of business school for eight years and out of work (mother) for three years.  Is it ok to incorporate why law school in my personal statement.  Books I've read say to stay away from that topic but given my history I thought it would be appropriate.  Thanks.

why are you so willing to read anyone statement?  honestly, as much as i would find it helpful to have someone on this board read my statement, i get nervous that my ideas, etc. may be stolen.  is that just crazy?


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