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For pace and vermont I like my chances and hope to get some sort of scholarship (I know my numbers aren't great)because they are both rather expensive. If I had to rank the schools right now by my preference it would be as follows:

1) Utah
2) L &C
3) Hawaii
4) FSU
5) Seattle
6) Vermont
7) Pace

I also would like to add Denver to my list.  Anyone like to critique?

You have been most helpful, I appreciate your candor. I also forgot to add Seattle U. to the list.

The common denominator is Environmental and Land Use Law.

FSU- Very Good
UH- Very Good
L & C - #1 I believe
Pace- top five
Vermont- top five
Utah- top twenty (My first choice) Not a resident though

If I go to law school it would be to a school with a fairly strong emphasis in this type of law practice. I know my lsat is low for most of these places, I just hope I can convince at least one of these schools that are a stretch that I belong. 

I actually graduated with a masters from University of Hawaii, even though I moved back to the mainland I know some of the law professors so I might have a little leverage, going there part-time would be no problem because my connections are still rather fresh.

FSU is a very good school but it might be too much of a reach, however like you said $30 is worth the try. Thanks again.

Thank you katjust and ninja1,

Anyone else like to chime in.

I am new to LSD, what is "OP?"

You guys have kinda of reaffirmed my line of thinking. My first choice for various reasons is Utah, I am not a resident though. I thought FSU was a big strech but no hurt in asking and eventually applying.

Hawaii, Lewis and Clark both have Part Time Programs, by applying for PT does that increase my chances at those schools, or does it not really matter?  Thanks

I already have somewhat of an idea of the likelihool for admission to these schools. I got a 155 (retake)/ 3.57 GPA, with a grad degree, and full time work experience in the public sector. Anyone with prior experience with any of these schools have any information, that would be great.

Law School Admissions / Question: About LSAT score and an addendum...
« on: July 12, 2008, 02:17:23 PM »
I am looking at a school where I have a gpa at the median and an lsat score right at the 25th percentile. Would it be appropriate/advantageous for me to add an addendum to my application that might help explain my lower than average LSAT score, or do you think most admissions officiers would look at it as making excuses for a not so hot score.

It seems these passages are longer, does anyone have a certain strategies in attacking RC with these types of passages. I have been studying past tests that do not have these type of passages.

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