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I'm not sure how accurate that status checker is for Loyola... mine has said the same thing for  months: "complete" and "ready" for review, although I know it's moving around over there...  I bet I'll hear from them this week, one way or another though.

I think we should take LA Girlie and Pinky on our trip to the 3rd World, Skeptic  8)


They better finish sending decisions this week... they are late enough and they are making me crazy!! :)

WL at Loyola seems like it will be bear impossible go get off their WL...   :'(

Did your status on their online status checker show that you were wait-listed, or did you just get the letter in the mail?

I'm still waiting to hear from them...

Rejected @ Pepperdine today... took them long enough :(

When did you go complete and where do you live if you mind me asking?  Cause im presuming my ding is on its way!

i went complete late january... good luck!

Rejected @ Pepperdine today... took them long enough :(

Choosing the Right Law School / Who's still waiting on Pepperdine??
« on: April 28, 2006, 09:08:45 PM »
No word yet... last week I called and they said 2-3 more weeks.  Who else hasn't heard anything from them?

Hi Pinky, you'd take chapman over southwestern?  chapman is nice but southwestern is so close to downtown l.a. which would help you get a job there---i think i have them rank the following way 1. loyola 2. southwestern 3. chapman 4. cal western--assuming i get rejected by the rest...

Hmmm, yeah I've kind of ruled Southwestern out even though I sent them my WL letters. I'm not really intent on getting off the WL - it doesn't matter to me if I do or I don't... I'm kind of bitter at them for several reasons and they aren't that much higher than Chapman so I'd rather to go Chapman than go to Southwestern. Besides I want to practice in OC so I figure I need to start networking there.

good stuff, yea they are not much different besides chapman being in a very nice neighborhood--::sigh:: i wonder when they start making waitlist decisions

After looking at the crazy high numbers they admitted (most of which will NOT be attending Southwestern), I foresee a lot of movement on their WL....

I'm waitlisted at chapman... do you think their wait-list will be moving anytime soon??

you're right pinky! it also appears that the first person to get the ding has great numbers for their school..i wonder whats up with that...

A second USD rejection on LSN (for the FT Program)....this person who got rejection is from CA

and a third.. just got my rejection (FT) and i'm from CA.  I was WAYYYY  below their 25% anyways. oh well...

Waitlisted at Loyola-LA today....not quite sure how to feel about this. What are the chances of me getting off?? Anyone have any words of wisdom...I have been waitlisted at Chapman, American, Rutgers-Camden and now Loyola...I don't know what to do!!! Ugh...

Waitlisted at Loyola is good! At least you still have a chance there. I still haven't heard back from Loyola yet...

I haven't heard back yet either... not sure if thats good or bad :-\

Rejection came today... :(

It really does make me feel like giving not going to law school at all. I think it's just the sting of this rejection.  :'(

I feel the same way... got Southwestern's rejection today...

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