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Hate to break up the pregnancy talk here bu I have a question. I'm looking to enter ls at the rather young of 21. Basically, I took a LOT of duel enrollment classes in high school. Consequently, I'm able to graduate in 2 years with very little effort. Right now I'm seriously considering taking a year off. The problem is I have no idea what I'd really do. I'm hearing a lot about 9-5 jobs but I'm not sure what I'd like to do.
Also, I had a thought: how is taking a year off going to help my admissions? I'll just be delaying the LSAT a year by taking it at the end of my senior year instead of my junior year (although it could certainly help). Plsu, I don't see how that year off improves my resume because I'll be new to the job when I'm writing the resume. Any advice would be helpful. 

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