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Hi Steve:

Thanks for doing this Q&A.  Did you apply to other SD law schools, or just California Western?  What do you, your peers, and your faculty, think of TJSL?


JD2B:  Thanks for the info.  I guess I'm being super bratty in expecting a response having only submitted my stuff via LSDAS on April 30.  Which school do you feel most at peace with?  Did you have an initial reaction?  I always use the fatalist outlook when making decisions, ie. "if I could spend one last day XYZing, where would it be."  If your answer is CalWest, then go.  If not, go where it is.  Remember, it is you, and not anyone else on the board, who will be affected by your choice.  Look for that comfort factor and GO!

To everyone:  how long should I be waiting until I hear back from a school?  Is 23 days unreasonable!? 

I was looking at all three San Diego schools, and initially ranked them:  USD, CALWEST, TJSL.  Most research seems to go that way.  It's kind of potatoe-potatoe. 
Out of interest, when did you get accepted to the schools, and when did you apply?  I recently submitted to SD schools and am getting axious.

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