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If you own a desktop, I'd recommend the MacBook Air. I have one, and it's fantastic. Super light-weight, nice bright screen, and fairly fast. The battery life is great and with all the heavy books, the light weight is worth it. You can install Windows for test-taking, too. That said, if you don't have a desktop it's harder to recommend the air. I use mine almost exclusively, but I do have a desktop to fall back on if I need a CD/DVD Rom, or a little more processing power.

I don't own a desktop at the moment so the air might not be for me. I did go and look at it however, and it is indeed a nice one :)

well this has all been very helpful. I have been leaning towards a MAC, particularly the black Macbook, but I am not sure yet.

does anyone have any advice on what brand of PCs are most reliable?

I mean, for law school purposes, is one better than another?

Wow thank you very much :)

I will be going to look at all of those sites you recommended, because I myself have been driving myself nuts trying to decide on one!

Current Law Students / Forget MAC or PC, what laptop is the best?
« on: May 20, 2008, 11:43:27 AM »
Alright, I have read all of the arguments regarding MACs vs. PCs, but my question is what brand of laptop is the best and why?

I need to start shopping around more and looking for one to buy in the very near future. I am starting school this Fall. There is not a laptop requirement at my school, and they said that either a MAC or a PC would be fine. I would just have to be able to run Windows on the MAC for the exam software (so basically once a semester). I have been a PC user my whole life and grew up with a computer programmer in my house, so of course I know how to use a PC more so than a MAC. I do however like Apple products.

I just want to get some opinions from people on what brand of laptops works the best for them and why. I realize that everyone likes certain computer brands for different reasons. I grew up using Dells, but I have never had a Dell laptop. I have friends who have HPs and they love them. There are positives and negatives with every brand, from what I have heard, I just want to know what your thoughts are...

What computer brand is the most reliable?

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