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The one PC feature I will pimp, which is actually software, is Microsoft OneNote.  My understanding is that OneNote doesn't work on Macs and Macs have nothing similar.  In my opinion, it is the single greatest note-taking software around.  It's like excel and word had a totally usable baby.  It allows you to create separate tabs for each section of your "notebook" (e.g. my notebooks are Law School Semester 1 and 2 and my tabs are the names of my classes), then allows you to create separate tabs within each class tab (so I do a new tab for every class).  I can title them as well (say, Diversity Juridiction, 02/04).  It has word processing capability and it creates these boxes around everything you type so that you can drag and drop your text all over the screen.  PLUS it allows you to highlight the border of the box and copy everything with ease (very handy for outlines).  It removes the spatial limitations of word so you can type anywhere on the screen, whenever you want. Oh and you can print to it. 

So I guess that is more of a recommendation for One Note, which I LOVE.  If you can get it for Mac, sweet. If not, just a head's up on an awesome PC feature.

That does indeed sound like a great program. I will have to look into that, thanks :)

What exactly DO you want to do with your computer? My plan is ...

1. Run exam software.
2. Run legal research software and browse the databases.
3. Write papers.
4. Take notes.
5. Organize hand-written notes into typed versions.
6. Get email.
7. Browse the web, especially the mandatory parts where you pay your bill, or check for changes to the exam schedule, and so on.
8. Eschew
9. Sell my furniture, clothing, parents, and dog, on EBay to pay for law school.

ha. that was amusing. Thank you, I needed that right about now!  :D

Unfortunately, there is really no solid answer to your question.
It's sort of a crapshoot.
This is very true! I just wanted to get some opinions from people on what they prefer and why. Thanks for the great advice. I have a lot to consider and I will be getting a warranty for whatever laptop I end up choosing!

If I were a 1L, I would definitely buy a MacBook or any sort of Mac, even with the hard drive problems. I would just be sure to get AppleCare. 

Thanks for that advice! I have been leaning towards a Macbook, but I know I will devastated if something happened with my hard drive. I mean for law school, what do you really need a laptop for? (This is what I have been asking myself) From what I know, I would need it to take notes, check e-mails and be able to run exam software on it. With that being said, why not get a Macbook? I can do all of that on a Macbook, and I can use it to edit my photos. :)

Wow, that was all very informative. I remember hearing stories over the years about how horrible the customer service is! It is weird because I grew up in a home with a computer programmer and he has always used Dells. I have never heard him have a complaint about Dell once.

With all that said, I am just nervous to invest money into something that will cause me problems. Going into law school this Fall, it is not like I have tons of money that I can just go out and buy whatever laptop I want. I want it to last and function, for exactly what I need it for.

Again, thank you for the great advice and I will keep shopping around! :)

Your going to have a hard time buying a laptop from a major manufacturer that runs on XP instead of Vista

That is what I thought too.

I'm thinking about one of those mini-things too.

Too many resources, no simple place to turn. I want some kind of online test, where I click what I want to do with the computer and it returns several recommendations. For instance, I'm definitely not a "gamer." All I do is wordprocessing, in fact, and web browsing. Email. I don't even do MyBook or YouFace or whatever you children waste your time on ... :P ...

I own an Inspiron I got about 3 years ago.  I'm sure I'll have to replace it soon. Tulane pretty much insists that we remain on the IBM platform, because of the exam software (unless you want to hand-write ...).

Another point: DON'T GET VISTA. Get Windows XP Pro.

I agree! I need an online test to tell me what kind of notebook to purchase too.

How is the Inspiron working for you? There seems to be quite a few people who do not like Dell, but I don't exactly know why.

Why not Vista? What is wrong with it??

I was looking online at the Dell XPS M1330 today. It seems like a great buy!
Thank you for all the advice. I'm not sure if I want to switch from PC yet either. Especially for law school.

well this has all been very helpful. I have been leaning towards a MAC, particularly the black Macbook, but I am not sure yet.

does anyone have any advice on what brand of PCs are most reliable?

I mean, for law school purposes, is one better than another?,1220,d=3666,00.asp

has a great survey attached to it.   It shows that Macs score the best in most reliability and customer satisfaction categories.  I called the network guy at the law school I'll be attending and he gave me some good input about which notebooks the law students like.

Thank you very much. It is a good idea to call the network person at your school. I have talked to a few students about it and everyone seems to have their own personal preference. I think because my school is so small and a laptop is not required, they might just tell me that any notebook would suffice.

Did you purchase one yet? Which one? If not, which one are you leaning towards?

Well I do photography on the side, more of a hobby, so I would like to use photoshop. Although I don't think I will have too much time for photography while in law school  ;)

I am leaning towards the Macbook. I just want to be sure that it won't conflict with law school, i.e. the operating system, etc. I know you can run Windows on it, for the exam software, but can you run Windows Vista? I only mention that because it is the new operating system.

I am going to do some more research with the sites that people have recommended, but your advice helped a lot. Thanks :)

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