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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: 150K -200K Debt Club...Anyone?
« on: June 13, 2008, 07:15:43 PM »
That is a scary amount of debt... Here I am stressing about possibly having 20k of debt out of law school...

But who knows... if inflation keeps going the way it is, janitors could be making 200k a year and you will be sooooo in the clear.

SCK-  I am NOT making an argument for McGeorge, just trying to provide the person some perspective.  Big Law is not the be all- end all.  I don't know if you are trying to point your comment to me regarding the "reasuring myself of my own (bad) decisions." I have nothing to prove here. I only object to those who make blanket statements, "Go to the highest ranked school regardless."  That is way too simplistic and ignorant.

If this individual is leaning towards getting a judicial clerkship out of school, McGeorge on a free ride is MUCH better than UC Davis with 100k of debt.

SCK you really should slow up on the advice giving seeing as you are about as clueless (and insufferable) as a 0L can be.

I am definatly going, I already declined Davis.  I didnt go to scholarday. Look me up if you decide to go to McGeorge, it would be great to know someone going in.

I researched this pretty well.  The whole thing is that if you think you might be interested in working in a large firm in SF or LA, you probably want to go to davis.  Davis has much more recruiting.

But McGeorge is a solid school.  Take it easy...

SCK... there is not that much big law in sacramento.  As far as government jobs/Judicial clerkships... a McGeorge degree and UC Davis or even Berkeley degree can be competative.  Jobs are not given expressly due to what school one attends.

And I am not trying to sell McGeorge.  I just think it is lame that there are people here acting like experts just because they have a ranking list from US News/reports. 

To Calswim... I lived in LA and SF recently.  Sacto is definately much much slower, so is Davis.  Its cheaper to live.  Compared to LA and SF, Sacramento is really safe.  McGeorge is obviously located close to some section 8 housing, but there are decent areas close by.

I made the decision due to my situation.  I definately want to live in the Sacramento area after school and am strongly interested in state government.  I dig the small campus and the private school aspect.  The staff definately works harder.

I also talked to a family friend that actually hires in San Francisco.  She has hired those from McGeorge, UC Davis, Berkeley etc...  She told me McGeorge students are just as well prepared as those from other schools.  (To be fair, a girlfriend of mine worked for a huge firm in SF and they wouldnt give anyone outside of the first tier an interview.) 

But it sounds like you want to practice in socal?  I don't think McGeorge travels very well, so that may be a problem to consider.  What I heard again and again is that you want to go to school close to where you eventually want to live.

For what its worth, I got into both McGeorge and Davis.  I got a lesser scholarship and I am still going to Mcgeorge.  For Sacramento, McGeorge actually places BETTER than Davis, they have a more active alumni.  McGeorge also has a better reputation in preparing students to actually work in Law.  I know quite a few very very successful McGeorge grads.

After doing research on all this, I have come to the conclusion that rankings are pretty overrated.  It only really effects your first job.  Successful lawyers come from all kinds of different schools and for the most part they all teach the same thing.

This is all considering you know you dont want big law.  UC Davis definately gets big law recruiting while mcgeorge is limited.

I did get a good sized scholarship from McGeorge.  UC Davis will cost me 8k more per year.  I figure that is a wash, I dont know if the finances tilt the decision one way or another.

What I have noticed is that everytime I try to get info from Davis it is like pulling teeth and McGeorge seems to bend over backward for me.  Are there any Davis law students around?  Is this indicative of what happens.  As a side... when i was an undergrad at UCLA, I knew quite a few grad students... even was in a couple classes with them, and they didnt get a whole lot more attention than the undergrads did.  (I was in a smaller major)

Is the law school at Davis a much higher priority?  How much help do they give there graduating students?

Choosing the Right Law School / UC Davis or McGeorge? Am I nuts?
« on: May 13, 2008, 10:48:18 AM »
Alright so I need to make a decision in the next day or so.

I would like to live and work around Sacramento area after graduation.  Positive that I am not interested in Big Law, interested in mid sized practice to private practive.  Also have interests pursuing a career as judge.

I have been accepted to UC Davis, McGeorge, Loyola, Southwestern, but pretty sure I dont want to be in LA ever again in life.

So I am left with Davis and McGeorge.  Based on rankings I would be a fool to choose McGeorge right? 

I came from UCLA as an undergrad and know how anonymous the UC system is with their students.  Even though I graduated from one of UCLA's prime schools, the alumni help after graduating was non-existent.  I am worried about the same thing at UC Davis.  I get the feeling that McGeorge would want me to succeed and it seems they work a bit more to prove themselves.  I also like the fact that I would come into McGeorge with superior numbers than my classmates. 

Naturally, my ego feels like I want to compare myself against the best minds.  The challenge of getting into the top 10 percent of the class at Davis turns me on.  But again, I have no aspirations of big law, and I dont care about the money aspect.  So the rankings lose some value, correct?

Any thoughts on this? I am leaning towards McGeorge, but does that happen?  Does this make sense?

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