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I know who is doing my recommendations, and I should have the forms and info sent to them on Monday.  But my question is how long should I tell them they have to send them?  I am hoping to get in my apps by mid-October and one of them is absolutely due by Nov. 1.  So, when should the people send them in, considering LSAC having to process them?


Studying for the LSAT / Re: How to go from a 147 to a 169
« on: July 29, 2008, 12:39:20 PM »
I really needed this, thanks :)

Don't you see the inconsistencies with such an approach?

Shouldn't such a program help everyone and not categorize them by race?

 If anything it is those with a financial hardship that have been categorically denied opportunity for higher education throughout history; lack of money is something that affects people of every race.

Lack of money does affect every race but in some cases it can be easier for a white person to go out and get a job to pay for school.

I think the OP is right in the sense that people are going to assume their black classmates are there because of AA (even if unwarranted). I'd hate to be a black person that got a 175 on the LSAT. I'd have a female dog of a time convincing people I was there out of merit :D

I wouldn't waste a second trying to convince some sorry hater that I deserve to be @ X Law School.  The only people I'll worry about are my professors; for them, my work will speak for itself.  Any student pathetic enough to waste mental energy on such inconsequential nonsense, such as my supposed "inferiority," will just have to get used to seeing me around.  I've already made my decision: I will not share my #s (even if I score a 175 on the JUNE LSAT LOL) with anyone @ my future law school. They'll just have to wonder...or squirm ;).

Totally love this.  Quit worrying about your classmates and worry about YOURSELF!

Is it really bad to talk about why you want to be an attorney?  I was trying to gain some sense of what the personal statement asks, and Texas Southern (one of my safeties) on LSAC still has the app up.  Under the PS it says, in a more detailed way, to explain why you want to go to law school.

I was thinking about writing about my experience having an autistic brother.  He basically didn't talk until he was 5, was taken advantage of at his day care, my mom was told he would never read, and yet now he is about to graduate high school and go to college in Cincinnati.  Everything I have watched my brother go through (not having ANY friends, struggling in school, feeling bad about no date for prom) has shaped how I think about the special education system and what needs to be worked on legally.  Inevitably, that (Special ED) is the type of law I would like to go into. 

My problems with this topic are:
1) I feel it might be TOO long in explanation.
2) I know I have to somehow tie myself more into this even though it is kind of based on my brother, and I wonder if being a bystander, occasionally having to stick up for my brother is enough to write about.
3) Should I even be writing that I want to do special education law because of this?  In other words, should I even be writing about why I want to do law?

And since special education law is such a small field, would bigger name schools (like Georgetown for instance) even care that I want to do it?

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help, I really do appreciate it! :)

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